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Evros Labs unlocks the full potential of your existing Microsoft capabillty to deliver innovative low-code, no-code, rapid proto-typing Enterprise Apps, transforming your end-user capability and customer experience. By leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform: PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI, we have instilled our unique IP with Logic Apps, Azure functionality and cognitive services, to establish a new breed of innovative Business Apps.

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Evros Labs leverages the three distinct and very disruptive Microsoft technologies: Power BI, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, to deliver a portfolio of custom line-of-business and team productivity applications.




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What’s Different about Evros Labs?

The real differentiator of Evros Labs is the low-cost, high-turnaround incubator model that allows us to build and test an App solution in a truly collaborative manner with our customer. We gain the developmental insight and experience of the test model, while our customer gains a fully customised enterprise app that has streamlined a once manual process.

The Visitor App has completely changed the way we greet visitors by removing the manual sign-in effort, streamlining our visitor experience at Mergon. This app now provides us with correct and up-to-date information about how many visitors are in the building and helps keep track of our many contractors at any given time, supplementing our Health and Safety procedures. Working with Paul and the Evros Labs team has been a truly collaborative process with the successful outcome of a fully customised App, tailored to Mergon’s requirements.”

Mergon International IT Systems and Network Manager, Richard Crowley

The Evolution of Evros Labs

Our legacy in the field of App Development is built upon the Evros SharePoint solution offering: identifying user needs and creating development prototypes out of the box, ready for user testing, quickly and efficiently. We have worked extensively with customers on getting the most out of their SharePoint without the need for difficult, hard-coded solutions.

This made us look further afield at the three distinct and very disruptive Microsoft technologies: Power BI, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps. Today, Evros Labs excels at transforming customer environments, injecting its own unique IP on top of the Microsoft PowerApps Platform and leveraging Logic Apps, Azure functionality and cognitive services.

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Our Proud Gold Microsoft Partnership

Evros has developed a long-standing partnership with Microsoft which has led to the development of an industry-leading productivity service for your enterprise.

Through our intensive and proactive development made at Evros Labs with the Microsoft Power Platform, Evros Labs grew rapidly with the addition of 23 new employees in 2018 with an expected 40 new app development team members to be welcomed across 2019.

Evros is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, enabling businesses to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

The entire Evros Microsoft Team is made up of dedicated Cloud and App consultants who provide expertise across the spectrum of Microsoft technologies, including Azure Public Cloud and Hybrid deployments such as Azure Stack, Microsoft 365 workplace solutions, the Microsoft Power Platform, and the Surface product collection.

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