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Further innovations from public cloud providers have brought about lower costs in moving off premise. Yet, unplanned cloud adoption and poor oversight has led to environments that are difficult to manage, higher spend and disappointing return on investment. Leverage the power of Evros Managed Services for Azure to ensure your business receives the best of Public Cloud.

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Evros Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

Estimating the true scale of costs against the functionality your organisation’s demands from public cloud can be difficult. The Evros Managed Service for Azure is truly a Cloud-Era Managed Service that encompasses the complete design, delivery and daily operational support of your Azure environment. Evros Managed Services for Microsoft Azure is built upon a 30-year proud Gold partnership with Microsoft. Leading the way in public, private and virtual private cloud, and on-premises computing, Evros delivers a mature Managed Service solution fit for your business.

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Evros wants you to get the most from your Azure investment. As one of Ireland’s only Microsoft Expert Azure Managed Service Providers, we pride ourselves on best practice methodologies and deployment tools that drive quick deliverables across our full Managed Service offering.

A consultative-led approach will determine what it is the exact solution for your organisation. The Evros Cloud Advisory Team is built upon dedicated Cloud consultants who provide expertise across a wide range of cloud technologies, including Azure Public Cloud, Private Cloud Solutions and Hybrid deployments such as Azure Stack, PaaS and SaaS services.

As part of the Evros Managed Service offering, we conduct our Azure Security Audit to optimise security, availability and cost performance on your Azure platform. We believe this provides a strong foundation to the secure operation of your Azure-based solution and enables further expansion in a consistently secure manner. The audit includes: Identity Management, Access Control, Network & Boundary Security, Resource Availability, Data Security & Encryption, Operational Security and Resource Availability.

Our next-generation IT servicing solutions have been developed over 25 years sustaining excellence in IT Strategy Review, Solution Architecture, Enterprise System Design, Data Migration and Cloud Management. The Evros Managed Service team will guide you through each stage of your cloud journey and advice on identity management, compliance, DR, development and licensing as well as long-term Microsoft Azure Managed Services.

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Evros License Management Portal, mySoftware.ie

Azure financial analysis including cost allocation and granular monitoring of resource usage

Access to Evros template library and best practice guide

microsoft teams

Full management of Azure environment including deployments and availability management

Access to Azure engineers 24/7 for your technical issues

Private Cloud Solutions

Security management, including Active Directory, Azure network security and backup/ restore

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