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Successful execution of an Azure Migration requires experience, proven methods and planning, combined with trusted experts. As a Microsoft Gold partner and one of Ireland’s only Azure Expert MSPs, we’ll ensure you get it right.

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Why Migrate to Azure?

As businesses look to digitally transform, one of the key choices to make is which public cloud to choose? This choice should underline your cloud strategy and help achieve your business’ needs. As such, Evros exclusively recommends Microsoft Azure. Offering all of the governance, security, compliance, functionality and capacity requirements a business could need, your journey to the cloud starts here.

Executing Your Migration to Azure


Using Evros’ Spark solution, we take the time and care needed to fully understand your business requirements. Evaluating the on-premises resources and designing their optimal path to Azure. This assessment phase allows for a transparent and collaborative approach. Ensuring each requirement is understood, incorporated into the design and documented. A well executed assessment phase allows for transformation opportunities, which can maximise the benefit of Azure.


Leveraging the output from the Assess phase allows Evros to accurately playbook your migration to Azure. Using proven processes and native tools to execute your migration to the schedule you require. Our experienced approach allows migrations to progress at maximum efficiency ensuring customers have a feedback loop to adjust if required. Our Azure experts will ensure that your migration occurs exactly when and how you need it to.


The final step of your Azure Migration is to ensure you are gaining every benefit that is on offer. Evros’ Azure experts will work with you to tweak your environment to maximise performance, minimise cost, and ensure each process is understood fully. Once your migration is complete, should you need additional help, we can also provide a complete Managed Service to support your Azure environment. Our team can transition your Azure footprint to a fully monitored and supported service allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Customers Trust Evros Azure Migration Services

Migration Success

Here, we demonstrate how we enable complete, compliant and secure migrations to Azure public cloud.

Timely, Efficient and Secure

Here, we demonstrate our ability to enable a fast, secure and compliant migration to Microsoft Azure.

Journey to the Cloud

Our experience and innovative approach enabled true digital transformation for DAE.

Experience a Seamless Migration to Azure with Evros


To best utilise Azure, a shift in thinking relative to your IT is required. This is most apparent when planning costs. Previously, on-premises, you may have had to consider capacity vs cost. With Azure, Microsoft has invested heavily in their infrastructure to ensure that capacity is no longer an issue. As such, your focus is now on managing the cost of the capacity you need. This blended model allows you to focus on the costs that matter to your business. Using the tools that Azure offers, such as Cost Management, this allow you to forecast, budget and analyse costs down to the individual resource. Similarly, Azure offers cost saving measures unique to the platform, such as Azure Hybrid Use Benefit.


Regardless of your industry, governance should be a key consideration in your adoption and consumption of Azure. Thankfully, Microsoft has made this a relatively simple process using native tools. Combining services such as Azure Policy, and Role-Based-Access-Control, to name but a few, ensures your governance requirements are met. Evros dedicates planning, and knowledge transfer sessions to ensure that where regulatory requirements exist they are not only met but adhered to by policy. This approach ensures that your Azure environment is auditable and can meet any compliance requirements as efficiently as possible.


Again, a shift in thinking comes into play. Azure Security is offered as a shared model relative to trust and control. Microsoft offers a level of transparency that allows you, as the customer, to trust the platform. You can then take control and apply any security policies and controls that you require. Azure offers platform integrated services, such as Azure Security Center to help you achieve this. Evros can offer both advice and overall management of your security requirements via our dedicated Security Operations Center. Our goal with Azure security is to guarantee you have the knowledge you need to trust the platform and execute the control required.


Planning an Azure Migration (Common Pitfalls and Solutions)

Download our 13-page white paper for a full discussion on risk mitigation, service validation, service transition and optimisation, for Azure Migrations.

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How We Do Azure

As Microsoft Gold Partners and one of Ireland’s only Azure Expert MSPs, we’ll enable your migration using Microsoft best practices and extensive industry experience.

Microsoft Sharepoint solutions

Predictable and understandable costs by using Azure Cost Management configured to your needs by Evros.

Public Cloud Solutions Azure Public Cloud Ireland

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity addressed using Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Ensuring configuration meets your RPO and RTO requirements.

Public Cloud Solutions Ireland

Global connectivity and reach with data regions in over 140 countries. Including a major data region, local to Ireland – North Europe.

Private Cloud Solutions

Secure, hybrid-networking implemented by our experts to guarantee your connectivity needs, from ExpressRoute, to P2S VPN, to Virtual WAN.

Security Consultancy

Ability to leverage Evros CSP to consume Azure on a month-by-month basis giving even more flexibility to your business.

Monitoring and alerting via Azure Monitor. Offering a low-cost, platform native solution that can be combined with Azure Sentinel to offer robust and automatic remediation to your issues.

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