Strengthen Your Security in Microsoft Cloud

Evros ensures reliable and secure guidance towards Cloud adoption, protecting your applications and data running in Microsoft Azure & Office365.

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Strengthen Your Security Posture with Evros


As companies become more reliant on technology, security teams face significant challenges with traditional security strategies that fail to keep up with changing Cloud resources, and the continuous delivery of Applications. Our deep Cloud heritage enables the Evros Cloud Security Architect team to deliver comprehensive cloud security programmes:

Assessments of your existing Cloud controls
Creation and implementation of reference architectures with built-in security
Integrating validation across your deployment cycle that secure your workloads throughout the process

Why Choose Evros?

Our holistic approach accounts for security across the stack and aligns technology processes within your organisation. Evros delivers Security Frameworks for the deployment of Cloud Infrastructure in private cloud deployments, in Microsoft Azure, and comprehensive assessment services of security controls in existing deployments. Achieve the efficiency and agility necessary to secure your business proactively and drive improved productivity.

Your Microsoft Security Managed

Experiencing challenges in managing your Cloud Security? Evros delivers a full life cycle engagement for your organisation’s Office365 and Azure deployments, from initial Consultation and Implementation, through to ongoing Managed Services.

Identity & Access Management

Protect users’ identities & control access to valuable resources based on user risk level with conditional access.


Protect documents and emails with end-to-end encryption that protects data inside and outside your organisation.


Strengthen your pre-breach posture with built-in protection & recover quickly with automated remediation.

Private Cloud Solutions


End-to-end visibility of your organisation’s security and manage policy centrally through custom-built security interface.

Do You Know How Secure Your Organisation Really Is?

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