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We light the path towards Cloud adoption for our customers.

Organisations that align their technology, people and processes to the transformative benefits of Cloud will be the first to gain the competitive advantage. Migrate to the Cloud in a controlled manner that is secure, compliant, and well structured with Azure Spark.

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Concerned About Your Cloud Deployment?

Growing numbers of industry leaders are recognising the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud: agile operations, increased scalability and richer data analytics. For a successful cloud adoption, it is important to have a strong plan in place that covers the end-cloud environment, governance, and, most importantly, the readiness of your workloads and applications. Create clarity surrounding your Azure deployment, controls and financial oversight.

 Azure Spark provides the framework to assess and answer all technical, design, security, and governance questions raised by Cloud adoption.

What is Azure Spark?

Our Cloud engagement addresses concerns and knowledge gaps with regard to Cloud up front, ensuring a Best Practice Cloud deployment from day one. Drawing from our deep heritage in Cloud, our team will work to understand the inter dependencies between workloads and provide an order of magnitude costs for migration to the Cloud.

The outcome of this engagement will provide your organisation with an Azure tenant connected securely to your corporate network and built to an agreed technical and governance framework, in line with Microsoft best-practice guidelines


Azure Scaffold Workshop

Definition of the Governance and Design Model

Azure Scaffold Document


Azure Assessment of On-Premise Document

Readiness Assessment
Compatibility Cross-check
Dependency View
Cost Estimate

Azure Subscription

Integration with new or existing Azure AD tenant
Network Connectivity via VPN (customer CPE configuration required)
Azure Network Segments Defined

Deployment Documentation

Azure Spark delivers your Cloud requirements:

Documented Governance & Security model for deploying workloads on Microsoft Azure

microsoft teams

An understanding of the compatibility of on-premises systems for Azure migration

Enterprise cloud services

Azure subscription implementation aligned to the agreed governance model

Secure connectivity from your on-premise data centre to Azure

Why Choose Azure Spark?

  • Create clarity surrounding your Azure deployment, controls and financial oversight.

  • Optimise cost measures and facilitate your migration to a subscription-based model.

  • Benefit from an Azure architecture customised for your enterprise requirements.

  • Enhance your Cloud compliance, governance and security.

A Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

Our proud Microsoft partnership is uniquely positioned to deliver highly effective Microsoft-based solutions, matched by a superior Microsoft professional services and support both on premise and cloud.

enterprise mobility
  • Proven track record in delivering Microsoft technologies for 20+ years
  • Microsoft Gold certified across a range of key technologies: Cloud, Application Development, Data Center etc.
  • A wide pool of Microsoft consultants, architects, engineers and dedicated support
  • Dedicated in-house Microsoft Division
  • The only Irish partner with extensive capabilities to deliver on hybrid cloud, public cloud and its own private cloud, Digital Planet
  • Microsoft Irish Power Platform Partner of the Year 2019

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