2018 Trend Watch: HP & AMD launch ‘World’s fastest processor’ for laptops

By November 27, 2017eSource, IT Procurement

You’ve heard of AMD. It’s one of the little logos you often find on your laptop or PC; pretty innocuous looking. And yet AMD powers quite a lot in our busy world.

Like the largest HD display in Times Square. You can also thank AMD for the cockpit display systems of modern airplanes.

Now with the recent announcement of the new Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U mobile processors, AMD promises to step it up a gear with blazingly fast performance for the ultra-thin notebooks on market.

This is what we would call a ‘game-changer’ for enterprises in 2018, both large and small.

But why?

After four long years of intense R&D and two million engineering hours on the clock, the Ryzen represents for AMD a reported record 52% performance increase over previous generation. That’s huge. In fact, they believe that the AMD Ryzen 7 2700U is the ‘world’s fastest processor’ for ultrathin notebooks, with up to 44% more multi-threaded CPU performance.

Looking particularly sleek in the HP ENVY x360, its multi-style use with four modes (tablet, stand, tent, laptop) allows you to navigate your screen in a whole new way. The ENVY x360 packs the usual HP mod cons such as Audio by Bang & Olufsen and a HP Wide Vision FHD IR Camera.

And with 8.2 million pixels, be mesmerized by the spectacular 3840 x 2160 resolution in jaw-dropping quality with true-to-life definition and 178º wide-viewing angles. And with 58% less power consumption with the Ryzen, that’s why it sits on top of our 2018 wish-list and the one to watch out for in the New Year.

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