360° Security with HP EliteBook x360

By February 13, 2018eSource, IT Procurement, Security

Security is paramount when it comes to your work laptop. This urgency increases when company employees become more work-mobile. Traditional offices are getting swapped out for an airport terminal or the local café hotspot, and it’s time to acknowledge that data breach events will happen.

HP EliteBook x360These ‘events’ can be the lingering side-glance of a passenger on an airplane, or a laptop left briefly unattended while using the bathroom. Mundane moments like these need to be taken more seriously.

The HP EliteBook x360 has been hailed as one of the most recent leaps in laptop innovation. x360 stands for the model’s ability to contort its screen in a 360° angle. And yet the security delivered with the EliteBook has been so thoughtfully layered and considered from every angle, creators certainly took inspiration from its namesake.

Aside from multiple intrusion detection systems, a multi-factor authentication and comprehensive BIOS management below the EliteBook’s OS belt, the x360 carries other hardened security additions.


The HP Security Trifecta

HP EliteBook x360Firstly, HP WorkWise can automatically lock your screen when you step away from your desk and automatically unlocks it for you when you return. Download the app and enjoy real-time monitoring of your laptop, such as hardware temperature, battery charge levels, and memory usage.

HP WorkWise also alerts you to any potential tampering including failed sign-in attempts, movement of the device, keys or mouse, and the opening or closing of the laptop lid. Secondly, the HP Sure View delivers physical screen privacy which reduces up to 95 percent of visible light when viewed at an angle. This stops the nosey by-stander from peeking over your shoulder. Developed with 3M privacy technology, press the f2 key to transition the PC to privacy mode.

HP EliteBook x360And finally, the HP Sure Click; possibly the most exciting feature of the x360. This browsing security solution delivers segregated protection from web-based attacks.

How? When you search online, HP Sure Click creates isolated hardware-based browsing sessions. This stops an infected website or link from infecting other tabs or your system itself. Once you click out of the window, any Malware caught while browsing the web is erased permanently.

And speaking of erasure, another feature of the x360 called HP Secure Erase can permanently delete your data on the HDD/SSD. Now that’s what you call 360° security made for the modern working world.

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