Build Your Company PowerApp in a Day!

Want to build your very own company PowerApp? In the digital age, having on-demand applications at your fingertips is a key driver towards more integrated and streamlined business workflows.

The Evros Labs team invite you to join them for the ‘App in a Day’ workshop at Microsoft where you will build a solution in just one day.

The one-day workshop will allow you to get hands-on experience with the Microsoft Business Application Platform, helping you to understand PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and the Common Data Service for apps, and assist you in the customisation of your company PowerApp solution.


What Will You Gain From ‘App in a Day’ Workshop?

In the Microsoft lab, attendees will:

  • Build a PowerApps Canvas App
  • Use the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS for Apps) to store App Data in the cloud
  • Build a PowerApps Model-driven App
  • Use Microsoft Flow to build an approval workflow for the apps


Why does your company need to learn about Power Apps?

Integrate innovative technologies into your day-to-day manual work processes

The applications and workflows that can be created by PowerApps can digitise existing, manual, and often paper-based processes. Leverage sophisticated forms, page navigation, and single-page apps to implement basic data management and reporting, workflow automation, and collaboration tools to differentiate your internal processes and overall customer experience.

Power projects with integral low-code to enhance business productivity

122,850: the average worker hours saved from automated business processes. The idea of ‘low-code’ or ‘no-code’ can help streamline your productivity levels. Based on the recent Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, Q1 2019 report, Microsoft PowerApps: “offers powerful features for developing web and mobile user experiences, a big catalogue of integration adapters, and affinity to Excel in its scripting tool that business developers will appreciate.”

Lower Cost Model to drive your business ROI

The average cost to develop an application is 70% less with PowerApps and Flow (see report link below). PowerApps lowers the barrier to entry with innovative tools and platform connectors; pro-developer extensibility is natively built into the platform. Additionally, the effort to manage code is less with the combination of Microsoft Flow and Power BI. Read more about the Total economic impact of PowerApps And Microsoft Flow.


‘App in a Day’ Business Application Platform Workshop

When: Tuesday 9th April | 9am – 4pm

Where: One Microsoft Place, South County Business Park, Leopardstown

Interested in innovating your workplace? If you haven’t been to One Microsoft Place, now’s your chance! Register for the FREE ‘App in a Day’ event with Evros. If you have any more questions, contact Paul and our team today.