IT Procurement
October 9, 2019

Microsoft Surface reveals new line-up

Microsoft held their annual Surface event the 2nd October, revealing the new the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Laptop 3,…
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Biometric security with Evros
IT ProcurementSecurity
July 30, 2019

Skin-deep Biometrics Security with PalmSecure

Advancements in the field of biometric security has delivered the capability of protecting your physical property with DNA. Biometrics or…
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The HP Sprout Pro has released the latest development in digital customer interaction.
IT ProcurementMicrosoft
May 3, 2019

Customer Experience Transformed with Interactive HP Technology

Companies are looking for smarter touch points with their customers that will reduce the often repetitive and manual aspects of…
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Your modern collaboration space with Evros and Plantronics PolyCom
eSourceIT Procurement
February 4, 2019

Join the Huddle: The Latest in Modern Work Collaboration

Efficiencies in our everyday work lives have become the norm with hot-desking and remote working on the rise across Irish companies. Yet amidst this burst of time optimisation, companies committed to success must be conscious to create modern collaboration spaces for…
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it procurement case study
Case StudiesIT Procurement
July 24, 2018

IT Procurement for the Modern Work Place: eSource Case Study

Working on a one-man IT management team, MFP’s IT Manager Gerard Dunne needed a procurement service that would act as an additional team member, always available and able to source the correct technical software or hardware. The answer? eSource. "The eSource…
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sure view hp
IT ProcurementSecurity
July 3, 2018

This is how you prevent visual hacking: HP Sure View

Your sensitive information is being accessed in more places and more visible places. Let’s explore how you can protect against…
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eSourceIT ProcurementSecurity
February 13, 2018

360° Security with HP EliteBook x360

Security is paramount when it comes to your work laptop. This urgency increases when company employees become more work-mobile. Traditional…
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physical security
eSourceIT ProcurementSecurity
January 23, 2018

Have we forgotten about physical security?

Cybersecurity has long been placed as a firm priority feature of any commercial online environment. With GDPR on the horizon,…
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World’s fastest processor’
eSourceIT Procurement
November 27, 2017

2018 Trend Watch: HP & AMD launch ‘World’s fastest processor’ for laptops

You’ve heard of AMD. It’s one of the little logos you often find on your laptop or PC; pretty innocuous…
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esource IT procurement
CompanyeSourceIT Procurement
September 6, 2017

Evros launch new brand, eSource

Today, Evros Technology Group is delighted to launch the latest addition to the IT company group with new procurement brand, eSource. eSource was created with…
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Dell EMC Forum 2017, esource, evros
Digital TransformationEventsIT Procurement
September 5, 2017

Dell EMC Forum 2017 arrives to Dublin

This year’s Dell EMC Forum 2017 kicked off this morning with a great turn out from the Dublin IT industry. Hosted at The Convention Centre Dublin, the forum began with a special key note speech from Dell EMC Services &…
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