Citrix On-Premises Vs. Citrix Cloud (Which Is Better?)

By February 3, 2021Cloud Computing

citrix on prem vs citrix cloudComparing Citrix on-premises with Citrix Cloud is a little bit like asking, ‘which is better, a long weekend in Paris or a leisurely, few days in the Tuscan hills?’ – well, it really depends.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the bustle of the French capital and have a penchant for pastries, you might wonder, as lovely as it is, what on Earth you’re doing in the middle of the Italian countryside.

Similarly, if cities for you, equal a certain level of stress, then getting caught up in the hubbub outside Gard du Nord is not exactly ideal.

Anyway, the point being, you can see how different environments suit different people and different situations. And just because one option is better for a particular person, doesn’t mean it’s right for anyone else.

It is useful, however, to examine the possibilities, benefits and use cases for each setup. Purely because of the work, time and investment that goes into either environment, needs careful consideration.

Also, a lot has changed in the past year – how we work, where we work and our priorities in general.

So, let’s start by looking at the types of challenges businesses are currently faced with.


What do businesses need?

The past year has changed how we work significantly. And due to the continual level of change, many businesses have been forced into a very reactive state.

However, as the pandemic became more long-term, the initial, temporary solutions needed to be reworked as many started to envisage a slightly different future altogether.

Entire offices are being picked up and digitally dispersed, making the approach from a technical perspective, very different.

We need intelligent security, availability, control, performance, accessibility and device management.

And all these need to be balanced: robust security with easy access, agility with compliance, performance with cost efficiency, pain au chocolat with a glass of Sangiovese… you get the idea.


Is cloud always the answer?

In short, no. Cloud is an extremely helpful tool and it’s valuable in helping businesses address problems and drive outcomes.

So, it’s something to have in your armoury as something that you can use to deliver technology to your business.

But why is it such a good tool to have?

Firstly, it’s readily available and can be provisioned very quickly to meet business needs without any particular lag. With cloud, you can quickly stand up and try a new initiative which you can then scale quite quickly into production and into live, because all of the resources are available on-demand.

In addition, there are now services that are being developed that are cloud-only or cloud orientated. So, there is technology available now that just isn’t practical or available for lots of organisations to have in an on-premises environment or their own data centre private cloud mode.

So, cloud is important in order to stay modern, to be able to move faster and to move faster than your competitors. And to be able to take advantage of the most advanced technologies, you will inevitably consume cloud services. But of course, how you leverage cloud within your infrastructure and how you design and architect your environment, will depend on your business, how you work and what you’re looking to achieve.


Is on-prem still relevant in a post pandemic world?

The world may have changed – but have regulations and compliance caught up with all of that? And just because employees are now looking for a more flexible approach to work, doesn’t mean heavily regulated industries, like banks for example, are suddenly going to make all of their data readily available online.

But, with all the restrictions in place, the need for a rethink is definitely there. And just because you have some data on-premises, equally doesn’t mean you need to have all your data on-premises.


What are the benefits of Citrix on-premises?

All of the traditional Citrix products can be deployed on-premises.

So, all of the benefits that come with Citrix i.e. being able to work anytime, anywhere any place, still remain true.

The main benefit is that with on-premises, you have full control and that in itself can be extremely reassuring for many businesses.

And of course, having an on-premises setup, doesn’t have to mean you have Citrix exclusively deployed on-premises. There are lots of ways to design infrastructure. But the point being, if you want to be in full control of certain categories of data, the option is always there.

Another benefit to having Citrix on-premises is that it is more suitable for businesses who have very specific monitoring systems in place, which would normally be difficult to integrate with the cloud.

Additionally, the licencing models on-prem are more flexible and tend to be more cost efficient.


What are some of the drawbacks to on-premises?

This is mostly down to the management side of things. With an on-premises environment, all updates and software patches need to be managed internally. This also means you need to have the right resources onsite in terms of trained Citrix engineers. Scalability is also an issue with on-premises environments – so there is an investment barrier with both of these aspects.

And finally, there aren’t as many new Citrix features with on-prem as these are usually built with consideration to the cloud first.


What are the benefits of Citrix Cloud?

With Citrix Cloud, all of the products and services available are designed to support modern cloud environments, especially hybrid and multi-cloud.

The services included in Citrix Cloud are:

  • Citrix Workspace
  • Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Content Collaboration
  • Gateway Service
  • Management and Analytics Service (MAS)
  • Citrix Analytics Service


Other benefits include:


Consider being able to implement a fully integrated Citrix portfolio from a single management plane. Or provide unified, reliable access to any app or data in any environment.


You can now rapidly deploy Citrix services in hours instead of days, weeks, or months. And you’ll automatically have access to the latest capabilities and innovations.


Citrix takes an analytics-based approach to security, so you’ll have visibility into the behaviour and usage of everything across your infrastructure, allowing you to identify and mitigate threats

And you can close security gaps quickly knowing that you are always up-to-date with the latest software and patches.


Get the highest level of flexibility by managing apps across any cloud – including on-premises, public cloud, or private cloud.

And you also get increased visibility into business insights across all of those workloads.


What are the drawbacks to moving to cloud?

Like with any cloud, there is always an element of awareness to be had. As a business, you need to make sure you understand what elements you are responsible for and also understand how your data needs to be managed, backed up and secured.

It’s also vital to ensure your entry points to the cloud are properly secured – which the Citrix team at Evros can help you with.


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