Citrix Solutions For Digital Transformation in 2020

citrix digital transformation and what it meansDigital Transformation is nothing new. In fact, it’s been a buzzword for a few years now.

However, over the past few months, it’s never been so prevalent. And if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to react quickly to a change in circumstances is more important than ever.

However, Digital Transformation is more than just a few quick fixes.

What this whole situation has demonstrated is that the technology we use needs to allow us to work in the way that we want. And that bulky processes that compensate for legacy systems and clunky environments, affect that ability to react and be agile, as well as what services you can offer as a business.


How has Digital Transformation changed?

Traditionally, when a business looks at updating their systems, they don’t start with the technology. They start with the people, the processes and their business goals.

And that’s been the fundamental difference between what’s been happening over the past few months and a more established approach.

Certainly, partners such as Citrix have been offering a range of helpful initiatives to allow businesses to enable remote working quickly.

But what about in the long-term?

How have businesses changed in terms of their focus and what will they need going forwards?


Enabling remote working

Flexible working has been on the increase for over a decade now. But the recent turn in events has meant most companies have had to pivot to an almost entirely remote workforce pretty much overnight.

And what we’re seeing now is an improved confidence in management across business sectors as their staff continue to be productive while working from home.

So, the need to go back to normal, isn’t there so much anymore. In fact, a recent Gartner Group study found 74% of CFOs said they plan to make remote work a permanent part of their workforce- and cost-management plans.

Furthermore, organisations are starting to see the advantages in allowing their staff to work from home, aspects including:

  • Savings on travel expenses
  • Environmental benefits
  • Savings on rent and office expenses

And in some cases, an increase in productivity where workers have fewer distractions and more time during the day to dedicate to their work.


Working from home: what do businesses need?

Now that we’ve settled into a pattern of remote working, there are a few aspects we can address to help us facilitate a more flexible approach to work going forwards.

And because Citrix Technologies are so crucial in enabling secure, remote access, let’s look at some of the specific Citrix capabilities for helping businesses to work remotely.



Cyber security is at the top of most organisations’ priority lists. But even more so while their staff are working outside the digital parameters of the office.

And unfortunately, malware attacks in the form of phishing emails have been particularly prevalent during Covid, preying on people’s anxiety and a need for urgent action – two of the key factors for luring people in.

Citrix Gateway provides users with fully encrypted end-to-end secure access and single sign-on to all the virtual, SaaS and web applications your staff need to be productive.

It can also remove the requirement of managing a VPN for providing remote user access.

Part of Citrix ADC for on-premises deployments, its capabilities stretch across Load Balancing to Content Switching, SSL Offload, Web App Firewall and more.


Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is also now mandatory for Citrix Cloud administrators. It’s simple to implement and doesn’t require any added infrastructure or cost. MFA was identified by Microsoft as a way of preventing 99.9% of attacks on your accounts to help prevent attacks such as password spraying and credential stuffing from being successful.


Citrix Workspace is also a great way for giving your teams a secure environment to work as well as a consistent experience while working from home.

Create a secure, digital perimeter that protects your data and apply consistent access policies across every device and every OS.

Administrators can also use Workspace to get an overview of any suspicious activity via a single dashboard.



With physical restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, dispersed workforces have been finding new ways to communicate and collaborate.

Microsoft Teams is one of the key tools for enabling staff to not just video call but also integrate all of the other applications and tools available within Office 365 such as Planner, OneNote, Yammer, Power BI and Stream.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (VDA) as well as the Workspace App both deliver Teams optimisation by default. This means end-users experience improved interactivity and session responsiveness, as well as reduced data centre compute requirements.

Especially while performing data intensive tasks such as screen sharing and video calls.

Citrix also provides native optimisation for Unified Communications platforms such as Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and WebEx amongst others.

This allows a consistent experience for Unified Communications including Webinars and Conference Calls across various devices and platforms – it even facilitates connectivity to these UC platforms from devices without support for the specific UC client i.e. the user can access the UC platform using the Citrix connection without need to install the UC client.



Citrix Workspace is a great way for users to share content, connect and work collaboratively.

From an administrative perspective, it’s an easy way to secure user access and activity, as well as deploy updates.

And from a user perspective, it’s consistent and easy to navigate. It also facilitates file sharing across the network and can be accessed from anywhere.

So, certainly a worthwhile consideration for any business looking at flexible working going forwards.


Remote Access

Cloud is one of the key factors in powering agility within businesses. And Citrix Cloud is a great way to enable numerous services in a secure, performant manner. These include:

  • Citrix Workspace Service
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Service
  • XenMobile Service
  • Content Collaboration
  • Gateway Service
  • Management and Analytics Service (MAS)
  • Citrix Analytics Service

Essentially, these provide fast, secure access to everything you need to be productive.

And by coming to Evros, you’ll find a range of CSP licensing options for a cost-effective approach.


Why come to Evros?

As a Citrix Gold Solution Advisor partner, we have the specialist knowledge and skills to be able to implement and configure your chosen Citrix solutions.  With our 24×7 Managed Services capability, we’re able to design and deploy Citrix Cloud installations with options for ongoing support.

We’re also experienced at delivering Citrix Apps and Desktops across multi-cloud environments, including private cloud, on our own service provider cloud in Digital Planet and in public cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Find out more about Citrix Services with Evros here.