Working From Home? How To Adopt Business Wide Remote Working Quickly

citrix solutions for remote workingHaving a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place is extremely important for businesses today. And there are lots of things that need to be considered when planning for worst case scenarios.

Not just to ensure failover and high availability of mission critical business systems but it’s about having a complete plan that covers everything from disaster recovery to crisis communications.

This being said, there will always be a scenario that we haven’t been able to prepare for. And the Covid-19 crisis is proving to be one of those scenarios.

So, even if you do have a BCP in place, you might currently be looking for ways to enable your business so that your staff can work securely from home.


How to enable remote working quickly

Essentially, during this time of crisis, businesses are looking to ensure their staff can access their applications, data and files outside of the office while collaborating effectively with others inside and outside the organisation.

And because this event has impacted businesses on a global scale, there are lots of initiatives being put in place to help companies do this quickly and securely.


Through Citrix

Citrix solutions allow employees to stay productive by enabling secure access to their applications and desktops, anytime, anywhere.

And because of the current developments with COVID-19, they have expanded their business continuity offers and resources to include:


1) Flexible licences

Customers who already have Citrix licence agreements are now able to temporarily take on a CSP licensing agreement. This means that everyone in the company will be able to work from home and have secure access to all the applications that they need – even without a work laptop.


2) Citrix Remote PC Access

Organisations that revolve around traditional desktop PCs for primary access to data and resources are often at a disadvantage when it comes to responding to unexpected events.

Remote PC Access is the perfect solution for staff who need access to their physical desktop PC in the office. Users will be able to access their PC using virtually any device – be it a home laptop or even a tablet!

Access is secure, quick to deploy and easy to log in and out and the business doesn’t need to have Citrix infrastructure already in place.


3) Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

If you need to ensure a consistent experience for your end users, then DaaS is a great solution. This option allows users to access vital applications securely including specific line of business applications that are fundamental to your business.

Again, you don’t need to have any Citrix infrastructure already in place. Access is enabled through the Evros Citrix Cloud Multi-tenant and deployed using Azure. We can create catalogue and provision VMs to meet demand and customise your setup if needed.

DaaS is also available through Evros Digital Planet Cloud Services for private cloud environments.


Automation and Recovery

The essence of business continuity is to minimise the impact of disruptions on your staff and the technologies they rely on.

As a trusted Citrix partner, Evros can help you ensure that you can carry on working while stationed at home or outside of the office.

Moreover, our focus is on ensuring that your users can work in exactly the same way during an emergency as they would on any other day in the office.

We can get you set up on virtually any device, over any network or cloud, in any location which you can access at any time, while helping to ensure uninterrupted security and control.

On the back end, automation and recovery keep IT resources available, while real-time monitoring, detection and analytics help ensure a good user experience, maintain compliance and prevent breaches.

We’ll also ensure that your business stays protected as well as help you plan for any future events once the current crisis has passed.


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