Cloud Solutions For Your Business (Tools For Managing Your Cloud Environment)

By March 9, 2020Cloud Computing

cloud management tools for complete security, visibility and controlMost companies today are some way along the road to cloud adoption or all in cloud strategy. And wherever you are in your journey, having an experienced guide to help navigate the way forward with cloud is vital to avoid costly pitfalls.

Especially as compliance and security can be put at risk and surplus costs can be incurred.

So, the overall planning, migration and maintenance need to be looked at through an experienced eye, so as to make sure everything is implemented in a secure and cost-effective manner.


Tools for managing your cloud environment

It might be that you’re looking to migrate to cloud. Or, you’re already managing a cloud environment and are looking for an easier way to get a full visibility of your resources.

To help you do this, there are several tools and cloud services that you can take advantage of, to ensure both your migration and set up are optimised.


VM management

We have developed a customer portal that provides a simple, easy to consume self-service interface to create additional Infrastructure in a compliant and secure manner, on-demand.

CloudStore is a portal which gives you a full overview of your cloud environment. It will show you everything from your backups, to your network security and billing information.

Some of the latest CloudStore self-service features allow you to:

  • Manage your VMs from either an on-premises VMware environment, Digital Planet Cloud Environment or from Azure – all from one console.
  • You can also migrate VMs from on-premises to Digital Planet, and vice versa, in just a few simple clicks.
  • And you can also replicate your VMs while maintaining your setup model to provide full Disaster Recovery, all from your on-premises VMware environment to your Digital Planet environment, in a matter of minutes.

One of the key elements with regards to these features is that subject matter experts aren’t required to provision infrastructure. Making it a really accessible and secure way to control your environment.


Security and governance around cloud

Security and governance regulations can have a major impact on your cloud migration – and on your digital transformation in general.

And as more businesses continue to adopt cloud-based technologies, that impact is only going to grow.

So, it really pays to get it right.

Digital Planet is Evros Technology Group’s Cloud Platform provider. And Digital Planet Spark in particular, has been created with a view to help businesses navigate their way through the security, governance and compliance implications of any cloud migration, to help avoid any potential pitfalls or incur unnecessary expenditure.

Through experience, we have seen that the earlier we have those discussions with our customers around governance and compliance, the better.

Doing this helps us to develop a bespoke security and governance model for your business before your move to cloud, so that you can get connected correctly.


Container orchestration

Containerised applications and application stacks are becoming ever more popular due to the utility they offer of moving code through development, preproduction and into production stages.

As we explained at our recent cloud event, with this great power comes great responsibility. This drives the need for a solution to effectively and efficiently manage and orchestrate the movement of containers through development pipeline stages and into production on various targets, on-premises, in public cloud, or on service provider clouds.

To help with this, we’re working with Red Hat OpenShift which will be available through Digital Planet very soon.

What this means is that we’ll be able to offer orchestration for your containerised applications for deployment on-premises, in Digital Planet or on Azure.

It also means we can deliver an orchestration platform as a service that’s ready to use so you can get everything from the same place.


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– a discussion with Evros Head of Enterprise, Martin Carry, Operations Manager, Danny McEntee and CIO Joe Brady.