Cloud Strategies For A Smarter Business 2020: Evros Webinar Series

By June 1, 2020Evros Events

cloud strategies event detailsModern, cloud technologies are powerful. And when deployed correctly, they can enable your business and drive true agility and scalability in a much more condensed time frame than ever before.

To help businesses understand the full capability of modern cloud technologies, as well as how they can be used to effectively, we ran a Cloud Strategies for a Smarter Business event.

Originally held at the Conrad Hotel, Dublin, back in February 2020, the event was such a success we decided to hold it again for all of those who couldn’t make it.

Following Covid-19, this then progressed into a series of widely attended webinars.

The webinars were split into four covering:

  • The cloud landscape and the evolution of containers
  • Cloud management and Azure infrastructure-as-code
  • Cloud for app development and connected data services
  • The fundamentals of cloud security.


The event has now finished, however, you can download our 17-page eBook entitled: How To Build A Cloud Strategy – a discussion with Evros Head of Enterprise, Martin Carry, CIO Joe Brady and Operations Manager Danny McEntee.

Or why not take a look at our eBook on Modern Cloud Security, also available as a free download. In this piece, Joe Brady looks at the key points businesses need to be aware of with regards to cyber security – with particular reference to working from home.