Customer Experience Transformed with Interactive HP Technology

Companies are looking for smarter touch points with their customers that will reduce the often repetitive and manual aspects of transactions.

The trouble is when you introduce digital into a customer experience, there is a fear that you sacrifice the personal touch.

The next step towards your Customer Experience transformation has arrived.

The HP Sprout Pro has released the latest development in digital customer interaction. Partnering with Inventia, HP has devised a new way to interact with your client base; the modernised kiosk capability.

What is the HP Sprout Pro?

Built with a PC, projector, hi-res cameras, Touch Mat and 2D and 3D capture capabilities, HP Sprout Pro simulates a face-to-face kiosk customer interaction. The customer can walk up to the screen and speak with the operative online. This means that an operator can work remotely and co-ordinate your customer-facing operations.

Videoing enables the aspect of identity confirmation and compliance. Yet, if you need to further harden security, multi-factor authentication can be enabled to verify identity of the person at the kiosk, either via email and SMS.

The high-resolution Full HD projector hanging over the screen, streamlines a 20-point horizontal Touch Mat, which brings new meaning to hands-on computing (lets up to four hands work at once). The 2D and 3D scanning uses the unique WorkTools software, allows for documents and even objects to be scanned.

Think of Sprout like a traditional desk environment, such as a pen and paper that captures data like a physical record. It also allows you to scan documents and identification cards which can then be turned into a searchable PDF.

The Sprout Pro integrates digital contract signing that supports any e-sign technology which allows customers to sign important documents or contract on the spot, completing removing the paper-based workflow. The pressure-sensitive active pen edits content in real-time and captures signatures, and gives teller functionality with the ability to print out documents.

In a further move to streamline work efficiencies, first-level intelligent chat bot engagement can be integrated to screen the more straightforward queries and customer transactions.

The Sprout reduces the need for extra hardware with a system that integrates multiple technologies and an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and HP recommends Windows 10 Pro as the operating system for the Sprout Pro.

What is The Best Industry for HP Sprout Pro?

This latest development in transformative device kit is set to revolutionise industries such as education, health care, banking, companies with customer kiosk capability or digital check-in needs.Take a look at how the HP Sprout Pro can been integrated in a banking environment.

The HP Sprout Pro is scratching the surface on just how transformative this technology can be for your customer experiences and workflow efficiencies.

If you’re interested in testing out the latest HP Sprout Pro, talk to the eSource team on 01 439 6815 or visit