Digital Planet: Ireland’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Platform

By September 5, 2016Company Updates

Digital Planet, the Cloud Services division of Evros Technology Group, has seen its growth exceed 50 per cent year-on-year since 2011, making it the fastest growing Irish-owned enterprise cloud platform in Ireland.

Currently operating out of three data centres in Ireland, one in Britain and soon to be operating in two further data centres in the US, Digital Planet is rapidly expanding and building a strong reputa­tion for cloud services.

Digital Planet offers multi-tenant and private cloud solutions to customers, op­erating to the highest-qual­ity standards such as ISO 27000, ISO 20000. It is also a certified level one PCI-DSS service provider. With a comprehensive range of offerings including private and shared IaaS, hosted VDI, online backup, DR and busi­ness continuity supported by 24-7 managed IT, network and security services, it is easy to see why Digital Planet is experiencing such success.

Built on best-of-breed infrastructure with a wrap­around managed service solution, Digital Planet is providing organisations with a real alternative when it comes to cloud solutions in the market. Another ma­jor differentiator is the team behind Digital Planet – con­sultants with an unequalled level of experience migrating clients of all types and sizes to our cloud with minimum disruption.

Clients also have access to these consultants to discuss their requirements or con­cerns throughout the life of their contract. With Digital Planet, clients have a rela­tionship with the team sup­porting their systems – you are never just a number.

“To say it is an exciting time for Digital Planet is an understatement,” says Hugh Dawson, services director. “We always had belief in our solutions, but the extent to which companies have em­braced our platforms given the competition just reaf­firms what has been built and more importantly how we engage with customers.”

“There are a number of factors for this success,” says Joe Brady, chief technical of­ficer. “Firstly, it’s the way we go about engaging with cus­tomers looking to embark on a cloud journey. We operate a consultative-led approach, understanding all aspects of their environment and assess them for cloud readiness. We also deliver flexible models to organisations; we under­stand that a one-size-fits-all solution just does not work. It’s an approach that has been received well in all our en­gagements to date.

“It’s also about the knowl­edge, skills and experience within the team. We have deployed more than 100 cloud environments to date across the public and private sectors, which means there is rarely a challenge that we have not already encountered and designed a solution for – these engagements have contributed to us becoming the leading experts in cloud migrations and solution de­sign in the country. It has stood to us in our dealings with customers who appre­ciate the learnings we have been through, and that we can truly guide them on their cloud journey.”

“It’s also our ability to offer a fully managed cloud en­vironment to organisations. Our biggest growth area is not just to provide a cloud platform, but to manage it as well,” says Dawson. “To layer on support capabili­ties to customers and take the management headache away from the day-to-day operational workings of an organisations, letting them focus on their own business specialisations and offerings. This makes us unique, and truly a one-stop shop for your IT needs.”

So what differentiates Digital Planet from the Hy­per-Scale Cloud Providers such as Azure and AWS?

“Digital Planet, while it is the largest Irish cloud provid­er in the market, operates at a level where it is still possi­ble to have direct relation­ships with customers,” says Brady. “This means we can provide support for your en­vironment at all levels, from applications to hardware in­frastructure and everything in between, without having to depend on a third party.

“As Digital Planet was de­signed to deliver for the En­terprise, we also offer high­er availability SLAs than are available through the global operators. For areas that are better suited to a global deliv­ery platform, integrated solu­tions can be delivered across Digital Planet and Microsoft Azure.”

Who are the prime users of the Digital Planet platforms and cloud solutions?

“Primarily, we are an en­terprise level provider where up-time, performance and scalability are key concerns in conjunction with securi­ty and data protection,” says Dawson.

“Most of our clients are seeking a cloud partner who can not only advise on appro­priate solutions but can also deliver and manage these solutions. Companies moving to public clouds often relay to us that they didn’t under­stand the transit charges that would accrue for the broad­band, or that a certain level of SSD disk was needed to be deployed for their database to ensure performance.

“Issues like those experi­enced by companies entering public cloud solutions nev­er occur in our solution. All pricing is fixed and we test extensively in advance of go­ing live with client solutions.

“If you are thinking about the cloud and would like to understand it more and how it could be aligned to your business, you can contact us at the details below. We provide a consultative-led approach based on our expe­rience, determining whether it is the right solution for your organisation and if it’s the right time. Timing can be an important factor in any cloud decision, and we would be happy to work this through and build out the required TCO models in its justifica­tion as a platform.”