Do I need IT Managed Services for my Azure Deployment?

By August 1, 2018Azure

Estimating the true scale of costs against the functionality your organisation demands from public cloud can be difficult, according to Evros CIO Joe Brady.

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“Further innovations from public cloud providers have brought about lower costs in moving to the platform,” says Joe.

“Yet, unplanned cloud adoption and poor oversight have led to environments that are difficult to manage, higher spend and disappointing return on investment.”

To truly begin to understand your public cloud needs, you must first understand your ability.

Considering the move to Azure?

Here are five Azure Managed Services key areas that will help guide you towards your successful Azure deployment:

Your Azure Architecture

Have you assessed what type of Azure ‘scaffold’ your business needs? Have you created a deployment playbook to ensure that resources are defined and deployed in a structured manner?

It’s not just having the ability to scale your environment, it needs a well-thought-out governance model that fully optimises your Azure automation potential.

Security and Compliance

Have you taken stock of your security management strategy? We’re talking your Azure network securitybackup/restore, security audits etc.

Standard security updates on your systems are now crucial in the fight against data breach and attack. Your team needs to be ready to actively intervene if incidents occur.

License Management

Do you have a system that automatically renews your software licensing? It’s crucial to avoid the last-minute panic of renewals and sudden software shutdown which often grinds companies to a halt.

A licensing portal such as delivers complete user-control so you can log workflows, query invoices and manage licensing with full access to add, upgrade or remove subscriptions 24/7.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

Does your company have a sufficient team adept in Microsoft Azure? Do you have support 24/7 to keep your environment running smoothly?

Having Azure-experienced resources dedicated to your account is crucial as your environment will need daily maintenance and monitoring to ensure your online services and applications are available 24×7.

Financial Analysis

Will you have clarity surrounding your Azure financial oversights? Cost allocation and granular monitoring of resources gauge the level of success from your Azure deployment.

Understanding the power of the Azure platform is one thing. Utilising each feature such as the per-minute billing and granular usage reporting is another. Don’t waste any opportunity to wring every bit of value from your Azure investment.

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the following questions posed in the key points above, it’s time to consider Azure Managed Services.

Evros is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner enabling businesses like yours to deploy a consistent Azure experience that maximises efficiency, flexibility, and productivity. The Evros Managed Service for Azure is truly a Cloud-Era Managed Service that encompasses the complete design, delivery and daily operational support of your Azure environment.

We have worked with numerous enterprise customers, helping them along the Azure Journey towards their Digital Transformation.

Evros offers advisory services across several areas, including:

• Azure Cost Optimisation Service

• Azure Security Assessment

• The Azure Architecture Framework Workshop

Leverage the power of Managed Services for Microsoft Azure to ensure your business receives the maximum benefit from Public Cloud.

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