Evros Explores Microsoft Security At One Microsoft Place

By November 29, 2018Azure, Events, Microsoft, Security

The ‘Cyber Security and Your Company: How Safe Is Your Data?’ event was held at One Microsoft Place last Tuesday.

The morning event held discussions surrounding how companies can ensure the security of the workforce and optimise productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Security.

Evros CIO Joe Brady kicked off the session, welcoming attendees and introducing how Evros has collaborated deeply with Microsoft to deliver an industry-leading security solution.

Evros Principal Azure Consultant Joe Carlyle followed with a low-level dive into Azure Active Directory, showcasing how these additional AD features can utilised to instantly increase your environment’s security.

“To make your identity as secure as possible, we want to explore the idea of layering your levels of security controls, mainly the controls that surround identity,” Joe said at the event.

Joe touched on strengthening your on premise and cloud connections by leveraging services in AD such as password protection, a policy service that bans most used passwords.

TIP: This list can be customised so you can remove use of your common company word associations.

Joe also discussed expiration period passwords, which he noted interestingly, that: “if passwords expire on a regular basis, users are more likely to use weak passwords such as months and years, or 123456 with the same word.”

Other topics which Conditional Access, Azure Identity Protection, and Privileged Identity Management.

Our Microsoft speaker on the day, Ciara Gallagher, is a Tech Solution Professional from Microsoft specialising in Modern Workplace solutions, Identity and Information Protection.

Ciara explored the depth of Microsoft’s investment into security. She reported that over $1billion is spent by Microsoft on secure code development and testing, which will increase protection built into Windows, Office 365, Azure and AI.

Microsoft has also developed a Digital Crimes Unit which will work in conjunction with global law enforcement to prevent anti-piracy, anti-malware, and protect vulnerable populations.

Ciara also mentioned the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC), which brings together world-class cyber security specialists and data scientists in a 24×7 facility to combat threats in real-time. The CDOC is backed by over 3,500 security professionals working full time to keep Microsoft and our customers safe.

Evros customer, Dr Anna Walshe, NCCA, reviewed how work processes have changed around the handling of data.

“We’re also beginning to use the rights managements. It’s very important for the NCCA to have security at the level of the document, allowing it to have controls on who can view, share or print. And that level of protection is critical for us.

“There is this constant security monitoring and it knows when and who is logging in and this background cognitive AI security assumes the worst and responds accordingly. And it gives us an immense sense of security.

“And one of the most important things for us is the user doesn’t know what’s going on in the back end. We’ve changed the way we work with documents, communications and data over the last 18 months and people haven’t really noticed. The only thing they noticed is the efficiency with the collaboration platform,” added Dr Walshe.

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