‘Future-proof Your Cyber Security’: Key Event Takeaways

By July 1, 2019Cyber Security

‘Future-proof Your Cyber Security’ shared practical insight on how Irish enterprises can strengthen cyber security strategy.

Evros CIO Joe Brady welcomed a full house to the morning session by jumping right into the latest cyber security trends.

As technology continues to become more accessible to enterprises and SMBs, businesses are becoming more agile. This acceleration of change can sometimes come at the cost of security. Joe emphasised the importance of highlighting data awareness in businesses. He examined four main areas during his talk: Cloud, Threats and Attacks, People and Attitudes, and technological advances.

AI was featured in the CIO’s talk, as he forecast both the positive and negative consequences of this latest technology. AI will identify threats through dynamic risk analysis and anomaly detection, catching threat before your business is exploited.

Yet, still in its early stages at commercial level, Joe highlights that it could deliver false positive results for your cyber security strategy. It also runs the risk of becoming corrupted though malicious input.

Organised cybercrime has increased to €1.6 trillion with an estimated 20% of that figure re-invested into cyber attack research.

Cyber crime by the numbers Evros

The Impact of GDPR on the Cyber Security Strategy

Evros Quality and Compliance Manager Christiaan de Vries explored the implications of GDPR, and its impact on the data landscape since inception.Ireland accounted for 17.1% of all EU’s DPC cases received. Why? The reason for this high percentage, de Vries stated, is the presence of large companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter.

The exploitation of GDPR is a new trend that has raised its ugly head. SAR and SDR abuse and ransom hacking has developed a new rise of cyber issues etc. In addition, while reports show less Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is being stored companies, Christiaan warned of the unlikely places PII may be lurking which might undermine your overall cyber security strategy.

The rise of the IoT device also increases the access touch-points for PII e.g. your child’s electronic toys. Alternatively, what about your home office? Is your company utilising a secure repository for data? How can your home office be a possible vulnerability for a potential breach?

Employers need to become ultra-aware of the massive proliferation of data moving outside the traditional network. Thus, GDPR best practices key takeaways included ensuring SDR/SAR requests are automated. Practise your company’s security Incident Response procedures often. And keep your eyes open for PII in unexpected places.

Principal Azure Solution Architect Joe Carlyle shared his insight into the latest cyber security best-practice: Zero Trust & Why It’s Critical For your Cyber Security Strategy.

And lastly, lightning talks included insight from Seamus Breathnach on Phishing; the new worrying trends of SMS phishing, the financial and reputational cost, and how your organisation can prevent them.

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