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By July 27, 2016Company Updates

The Irish IT outsourcing company attributes its growth to its people

Evros Technology Group has seen its staff numbers swell by 250 per cent over the past three years. At the end of 2012, Evros employed about 130 staff delivering managed IT services, intelligent security and private and managed cloud solutions. Today, that number is 325 and growing.

“When I look at what has made Evros Technology Group such a success in the IT managed service outsourcing space over the past three years, I put it down to our staff first and foremost. It may sound clichéd, but I can talk quality standards, experience, skills etc, but what truly makes us different is the people that work for Evros,” says Hugh Dawson, its services director.

“We were never the biggest on brand awareness in the sense of advertising who we were, but we were always the company who felt that if a potential customer met our people they would see the energy and drive that permeates our organisation all the way through to our managed service offering.

“I firmly believe that a lot of MSPs (managed service providers) have not listened enough to the market and what customers are looking for in a managed service. The market is far more educated in what it wants from a service provider compared to where it was a few years ago.

“The requirements have become better defined by the customer and Evros has moved to meet that definition by breaking down our offering so that customers are working from a shopping list of activities and not feeling that they are paying for services they don’t need. That the detail in the services now being provided is closer aligned to meet their requirements and there is better flexibility in how the service is delivered. Evros prides itself in offering tailored solutions to meet this need,” Dawson added.

“When I look back on what we offered in the services space five years ago and look at our current offerings, the difference is immense. We have better tools to manage and monitor environments, ISO processes to ensure governance and methodologies to follow, all governed by a continuous improvement programme year-on-year. This is the cornerstone I believe of any services organisation, that of continuous improvement.

“The most exciting aspect of our industry is constant change. The changes brought about in the last few years by remote computing and cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and now the internet of things (IoT). I am constantly amazed when meeting with our senior technical teams, that what was cutting edge 12 or 18 months earlier is now almost behind the curve. It is our ability and passion to adopt and lead this change is what differentiates us, but, again, that’s all down to our people,” claims Dawson.

“We can all talk tools, process and procedure like I have mentioned above, but if you talked to some of our customers, they would reference our flexibility, agility in how we deliver, and passion for what we need to achieve.”

Evros recently moved to a new 60,000-sq-ft facility in Cherrywood Business Park, which is now the cornerstone of their state-of-the-art managed service and business continuity centres.

According to its accounts, it has been hiring on average 15 new staff per month over the past nine months and this growth is forecasted to accelerate over the coming year. It expects to have over 500 staff employed by the end of 2017.

When asked why he thought Evros’ growth was accelerating ahead of the market, Dawson replied: “We have definitely been more proactive on the marketing front in the past year. The demand for IT outsourcing is no doubt on the rise over the past two years. I would say we are growing faster than the market due to a single-minded strategy that we have been following over the past five years or so. We took the view back then that the future of IT services lay in outsourcing, both infrastructure via cloud and IT services.

“We built our solutions over the years based on cloud and managed IT to deliver what we term total IT outsourcing. This solution has now come to pass and is the most common requirement we see from our customer base. However, the view that we have built up over 26 years of experience is not to be complacent, and we are always learning.”

So why reach out to Evros if you are exploring a managed service offering? “First and foremost is that we have one of the most complete end-to-end list of services on offer that makes us a true one-stop shop for the vast majority of organisations. We have moved clear in the Irish market as being the leading managed cloud provider in the country. When companies in Ireland were waiting to see how cloud would evolve and be adopted by companies, Evros went and made a multi-million euro investment and built out Digital Planet, our private and multi tenancy managed cloud platform,” claims Dawson.

“Looking forward, it’s about Evros Technology Group continuing to adapt and develop offerings to meet the requirements of our current and future customers. It’s about constant change, adaption and continuing to grow. I am confident that, with the people who work for Evros, this won’t be a problem for us.”

Contact Evros, Hugh Dawson, Services Director , w: +353 1 4396825, m: +353 87 2887253 e: hugh.dawson@evros.ie

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