Exploring the Microsoft Power Platform

The Enterprise Application landscape continues to reap the benefits of innovative technologies such as the Microsoft Power Platform.

Previously, organisations faced two all-or-nothing options: the pre-baked one-size-fits-all commercial solution, or the finely customised app development that was too cost-intensive to justify the investment. This dilemma was faced by many frustrated organisations when attempting to transform their workplace and customer end-user experience.

In its place, the birth of quasi-apps and shadow IT that initially enhanced smaller workflows, yet opened up large vulnerabilities to its systems, and consequently risking the very data it was working with.

Users needed a truly productive and communicative platform that could unlock insights and intelligence through automation, which was then convertible to intelligible action plans across the web and mobile applications.

The Microsoft Power Platform was released back in 2018 and just last March, Forrester’s report recognised Microsoft PowerApps as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms for AD&D Professionals.

The App Dev field instantly changed. So what exactly is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform

For the past few years, Microsoft has been developing and releasing what it now calls its ‘Power Platform’ in relative isolation. The Power Platform is made up of three powerful and dynamic components: Power BI, Microsoft Flow, and of course, PowerApps, this year’s leader in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms for AD&D Professionals.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promoted the product collection as one of the platform opportunities available to software developers, alongside the Azure cloud and other services.

Using the backbone of Common Data Service for Apps, the Microsoft Power Platform combines the automation of workflows (Microsoft Flow) with the data insights of Business Analysis (Power BI) to give you more insight into your business. The addition of PowerApps enables your non-technical users to create responsive mobile applications.

The real power of Microsoft’s low-code, no-code features is that it’s built upon common Microsoft technologies that many companies already have in their capability!

“23% reported using low-code platforms in 2018, and another 22% planned to do so within a year” according to Forrester, which means that if you haven’t explored the latest Microsoft offering for enterprise, it’s high time you did.

Evros SharePoint Business Solutions Director Paul Gilbride has been championing this latest Microsoft collective, having worked with customers on each of the platform’s elements. Paul recently hosted an ‘App in a Day’ workshop at One Microsoft Place, showcasing hands-on experience with the Microsoft Business Application Platform, helping customers to build a customised PowerApp solution.

app in a day“Our legacy in the App Development field is built upon the solid foundation of the Evros SharePoint solution offering, which has helped us create development prototypes out of the box, ready for user testing, quickly and efficiently.

We work with customers to elevate every-day business workflows and develop customised, intelligent and streamlined solutions that not only advance manual processes, but deliver valuable insight into data and analytics functionality.

“This made us look further afield following migrations and elemental SharePoint configurations and document management. It quickly dawned on the team just how powerful the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform was set to become.

“The Platform gives businesses the ability (often for the first time) to track trends and growth, develop strategic plans and make real-time informed decisions for their business,” Paul adds.

The Evros App Dev team has further built upon these disruptive technologies to develop several solutions and training capabilities that delivers innovative low-code, no-code, rapid proto-typing App solutions to transform user capability and customer experience.

Interested in innovating your workplace? In the digital age, having on-demand applications at your fingertips is a key driver towards more integrated and streamlined business workflows. Talk to Paul and the Evros App Dev team today.