Have we forgotten about physical security?

By January 23, 2018eSource, IT Procurement, Security

Cybersecurity has long been placed as a firm priority feature of any commercial online environment. With GDPR on the horizon, data protection has become paramount to businesses. And yet, as we make the leap further into our collective digital transformation, have we taken our attention away from our hardware’s security? Namely our everyday work devices?

According to the Breach Level Index 2017, on average over 5 million data records are lost or stolen daily. Furthermore, Kensington Technology has reported that more than one-third of businesses do not have a physical security policy in place to protect laptops and mobile devices.

With ‘hot-desking’ on the rise and an increase in the number of digital nomads, this increasing need for work mobility has left laptops and workstations exposed to theft and penetration, now more than ever. And rather than reinventing the wheel, why not just lock the wheel. Or the laptop, in this case?

Here are some intelligent solutions by Kensington Technology that can save your business a lot of time and effort searching for the right locking solution, with locks for a wide variety of laptops, including devices without a security slot.

Not sure which one will suit your laptop? Not to worry; Kensington has developed the Security Selector, which has taken the pain out of finding the right Kensington locking solution. Users can find the recommended locks for a laptop model by choosing the make, model and product number, or jump straight to the exact device.

physical security
MicroSaver® 2.0 and ClickSafe® 2.0 K64453ww

For devices using the standard Kensington Security Slot™ as used on 90% of business devices using the familiar T-Bar™ lock head design.


physical security
N17 for Dell 2017 Devices  k64440WW

For devices using the Wedge Security Slot as used on Dell Latitude 2017 models (later) and selected other devices.




NanoSaver™ Keyed Laptop Lock K64444WW

For devices using the Kensington Nano Security Slot™, used on ultra-thin devices, utilising Cleat™ locking technology.


physical securityLaptop Locking Station 2.0 K64453WW

For devices without a security slot including the Surface™ Laptop and MacBook Pro®




Do you need to lock down your physical security? Visit eSource today and browse the side range of Kensington locking solutions.