How can Virtualisation reduce IT costs and simplify network management?

Saving time on manual processes, and automating system controls to make your organisation agile, are all high on corporate strategies. 

Virtualization has been a major driver in evolving traditional technology by separating the software services from its underlying hardware.

Technology now has the capability to implement automated functions on your behalf. By simplifying your infrastructure and making it virtualized & programmable, you can automate it. Then you can make it repeatable.

The result? By reducing the requirement for dedicated hardware as a specific function, and collapsing the software into individual appliances, your enterprise systems can be programmed and managed from a centralised platform.

Network transformation within reach of SMEs & Enterprise

Take an example: If you are a medium sized customer with 40-50 sites spread out throughout the country in varying sizes. Yet each of your sites are configured individually with its own dedicated edge network infrastructure locally. This means your sites face different challenges; some have capacity issues, some have performance issues, and other were not consistently configured from an internet policy point of view which brings its own set of risk and governance challenges.

Solution? Meraki SD WAN solution high-level policy configurations offers complete visibility of the network, allowing you to see any network bottlenecks in place and gives you the power to apply policies to each site to maximise the utilization of your links.

Also, with predictive analysis, it will give you insight into potential future bottle necks. The result of the Meraki implementation reduced the amount of tickets coming into your managed service team. And this allows you to focus on valuable propositions rather than the reactive incident management.

Best Path to Network Progression

Do you have issues with connectivity? For instance, high bandwidth broadband combined with high latency, as well as a low bandwidth link. Evros can implement a SD WAN solution that will prioritise the traffic based on the time of the day, the amount of latency and the utilisation of the links. This means you can send important traffic down the high bandwidth link and then route general internet usage through the low bandwidth network. The result directly boosts performance for application users and reduces your user query tickets.

Why should companies with traditional systems be considering Cisco Meraki?

What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki offers an extensive portfolio of IT products designed for the modern enterprise. The centralised dashboard driven simple to manage, agile, scalable and repeatable process that helps with governance, risk and compliance.

Cisco Meraki has simplified enterprise IT networks, allowing your organisation to manage:

  • W-Fi access points
  • Switches
  • Security appliances
  • MDM
  • Security cameras
  • Network and SaaS performance
  • VoIP phones and mobility management


Evros enables Digital Transformation for the era of the intelligent edge. We deliver Cisco Meraki to help your organisation achieve its business goals. Talk to our team today about your FREE Cisco Meraki trial program.