How Microsoft Teams Is Reshaping the Construction Industry

By December 10, 2020Tech News

Microsoft Teams is about more than communication. It’s a central hub for you and your colleagues to connect, share and work more closely together.

And due to the difficulties presented by the pandemic, Microsoft has invested hugely into the platform. This has resulted in a wide range of features and applications being added to help multiple industries do their job more efficiently – essential areas such as healthcare and education.

Moreover, with social distancing in place, the continuation of construction work as we know it has presented various challenges in terms of logistics and collaboration.

Elements such as:

  • Site visits
  • Inspections
  • Progress updates
  • Scheduling
  • Project planning

Learn how you can tackle all of these problems and more in our PDF download. Here, you can see how users can benefit from various different apps and productivity tools – all within Teams – to connect, collaborate, schedule, update, analyse and keep projects on track.

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