How Microsoft Teams Is Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

Technology is reshaping the tourism industry.

And Microsoft Teams more specifically, is helping those who are customer-facing, create a more connected organisation as well as help guests with whatever they need, on the spot.

Here are just some of the ways that many hotels and those working in the hospitality industry are using Teams to improve their internal communications, as well as the way in which they deliver their services.



One of the key attributes about working in hospitality, is that the staff are dispersed, which can lead to miscommunication and lack of connectivity.

Using Microsoft Teams’ mobile-first capabilities, those who are customer facing can easily communicate, collaborate and share best practices, simply using their mobile device.

teams for connected communications in hospitalityFeatures include location sharing and image annotations—perfect for helping staff ensure they deliver the highest level of service to your customers – and one of the newest features, Walkie Talkie Android.

This is push-to-talk experience that enables instant and secure voice communication, via any Android mobile or tablet device. This not only reduces the number of devices staff need to have on them, while facilitating clear communication that’s free of radio interference, static and no distance limitations in range.

walkie talkie android for hospitality industry


Microsoft Stream is perfect for enabling training sessions – on a national or even international level. Keep everyone up to date with the latest practices and ensure each location is connected, for consistent service delivery and customer experience.

teams for hospitality training

Shift scheduling

The Shifts App in Microsoft Teams allows you to manage shifts and schedules effortlessly, as well as send policy documents, updates and more.

Employees can use it to view their upcoming shifts, as well as see who else is scheduled for the day, request to swap or offer a shift and request time off.

Managers can also use the app to send messages to one person (for example, “there’s a spill on the floor”) or the entire team – wherever they are, whenever they need.

shifts for hospitality industry

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Ultimately, Teams will help bring your staff closer together, so they can engage, learn and simply join the conversation – without the formality of emails, but with the professionalism that’s often unobtainable through instant messaging alone.

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