How To Build A Cloud Strategy (That’s Actually Fit For Purpose)

By May 21, 2020Cloud Computing

Modern, cloud technologies are powerful. And when deployed correctly, they can enable your business and drive true agility and scalability in a much more condensed time frame than ever before.

However, developing a cloud strategy – one that’s fit for purpose – means looking at your overall business needs and goals.

And even though cloud adoption carries with it many benefits, the term ‘cloud’ refers to a full range of capabilities which need to be implemented in a secure manner, that affect change in the right way.

So, there are plenty of considerations to be made in deciding what route to take for your business in order to get the most out of your applications and your infrastructure, so that you can drive real value.

Considering these aspects of cloud migration, as well as investment, security and more, are:

  • Martin Carry (Head of Enterprise at Evros)
  • Joe Brady (CIO and Security Lead at Evros)
  • Danny McEntee (Digital Planet Operations Manager)

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