How To Improve Application Performance and Security with Citrix ADC

By November 12, 2020Cloud Computing

citrix adc deployment evros it servicesApplication Delivery: What are the challenges?

Applications have evolved significantly over the years. And how we deliver them has also changed.

No longer do we live in a world of desktop bound software installed on a local server. But with a modern, cloud-based approach, application delivery has become much more agile. And because of this, we’re continuously looking for ways to get more out of them, as well as simplify the way in which they’re delivered.

This isn’t just to ease maintenance but also to enable availability across locations – so that if you find your users suddenly need to work from home for example – they can.

However, while hybrid and multi-cloud environments offer both portability and flexibility, they can make the process of secure application delivery (while maintaining performance) very complex.

And with everyone working from home – now and most likely in the future too – IT departments are needing to ensure workplace servers and applications are available around the clock.


What is an ADC? (Application Delivery Controller)

Application delivery controllers are purpose-built networking appliances whose function is to help applications adapt to today’s modern networks and protocols.

Essentially, they ensure that applications perform optimally (particularly over high-latency networks) and are always available – without presenting any security risks to the user or the business.


What is Citrix ADC?

All of the scalability and flexibility enabled by the cloud are wasted if your applications fail to perform optimally or your data security is breached.


Citrix ADC addresses the following, common issues:

Performance – Making applications available remotely can have a big impact on performance. Citrix ADC combines high-speed load balancing and content switching with application acceleration, data compression, content caching, multi-layer web cache redirection, SSL acceleration, network optimisation, application flow visibility at the transaction level and application performance monitoring.

Security – Making applications available to end-users in a secure manner is a major challenge for businesses today. With the onset of COVID-19 this has become even more of a challenge as users are now dispersed even more away from the secure corporate network. Citrix ADC can securely deliver these applications whether they are being published via Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or via internally hosted web applications.

ADCs also serve as the natural entry point or gateway to the network and so they authenticate each user attempting to access an application. Citrix ADC Web Application Firewall, for example, offers protection against a wide variety of potential attacks and threats.

Multi-factor Authentication plays a huge part in enabling admins to better protect their users.
AAA (authentication, authorisation and auditing) provides multiple layers of authentication and auditing to end users when accessing resources hosted behind a Citrix ADC (nFactor).

And finally, Citrix ADC’s rate-limiting measures also protect internal server resources from being targeted by Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks – which are particularly rampant right now.


Why is Citrix ADC particularly good for hybrid cloud architectures?

Citrix ADC provides support for multiple public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Firstly, this allows businesses to securely deliver application workloads hosted in the cloud. The Global Server Load Balancing functionality within Citrix ADC allows customers to control the flow of traffic between two or more data centres, either on-premises or in public cloud. This can be in Active/Active scenario or Active/Passive in a DR scenario.

Secondly, it gives businesses the option to choose what’s right, without being limited by technical issues or restrictions.


How easy is it for Citrix ADC to be deployed?

The Citrix Team at Evros can help you get set up with Citrix ADC.

As a Citrix Gold Solution Advisor partner, we have the specialist knowledge and skills to be able to implement and configure your chosen Citrix solutions. We can also provide a 24×7 Managed Services capability for all of our Citrix customers.

We’re experienced at delivering Citrix apps and desktops across multi-cloud environments, including private cloud, on our own service provider cloud in Digital Planet and in public cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Finally, we can also provide a range of CSP licensing options for Citrix Cloud for enabling a cost-effective approach.

Find out more about our Citrix Cloud Services and get in touch for a free consultation.