A New Way to Backup, Control and Manage Your Data: Introducing Rubrik

By March 12, 2020Backup and Recovery

IT is no longer just a service for your business. In fact, for many companies, how you lay your technical foundations affects your business agility as well as what you can offer to your customers and in turn, your revenue.

So, getting the right IT infrastructure for your needs, has a considerable impact on you as a business.

In addition, having the right hardware in place will allow you to optimise your software environment as well as the teams driving it all.

And as technology develops, cloud and SaaS are becoming ever more crucial and it’s imperative that you have the right hardware to keep up with your software requirements.


Why Rubrik?

Rubrik provides a concise and powerful solution to many common business challenges.

As an all in one appliance, it’s a single platform that allows you to manage environments on a global scale from a single interface.

Focused for both security and backup, as well as cloud data management, users can combine Rubrik hardware and software for incredible protection, control, insights and scalability.

Designed as an API-first software platform, Rubrik enables users to automate data management workflows as well as integrate with IT service catalogues, infrastructure-as-code and more.

With global predictive search, users can also easily locate and recover data anywhere across their hybrid cloud environment with granularity down to the file-level – even for data that has been archived.

In addition to Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform, its Polaris SaaS platform allows you to unlock your backup data for new capabilities such as ML-driven ransomware detection, data classification, cloud DR orchestration and more.

Moreover, Rubrik’s enhanced ransomware remediation allows for recoveries with near-zero RTOs and RPOs.


Business agility

Gone are the days of lengthy, antiquated backups and recoveries. Rubrik allows users to recover their data in seconds.

Not only that, but you can automate your business’s data protection by specifying your own, unique frequency and retention policies

In fact, you can reduce management time by more than 90% with one SLA policy engine. And by using a variety of tools within the Rubrik ecosystem, you can automate daily tasks quickly and easily to help optimise your resources.


Ease of scalability

Many challenges in IT are the result of legacy architecture and the limitations it can bring with it. Rubrik is easy to deploy and allows you to reduce your hardware footprint into a single software fabric that supports both your current and future architecture.

Rubrik also allows you to scale as you grow, helping you to match your infrastructure with your requirements for any period of time.


Ransomware protection

With Radar, Rubrik is able to deliver a SaaS solution for faster ransomware recovery via ML-driven detection, granular impact analysis and single-click recovery.

With Sonar, users can also automate sensitive data classification to easily identify data exposure without requiring additional infrastructure. Sonar applies machine learning to discover sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), allowing enterprises to easily identify where certain types of data is located without impacting production environments.


Made for cloud

Rubrik allows users to automatically convert on-premises VMs to cloud compute instances – which are protected via cloud-native backups.

You can also migrate applications and data to your public or private cloud of choice – both quickly and easily.

For enterprises looking for robust cloud DR orchestration, Rubrik offers automated failover/failback of multi-group VMs. More broadly, the platform was also designed to simplify management across hybrid and multi-cloud, delivering a single UI and SLA policy engine for global environments.


Solutions focused

There are many challenges facing businesses today. Not just the constant threat of ransomware, but also the need for large, established enterprises to grow and adapt quickly to advanced technologies.

Data management is also becoming a lot more complex – especially with the ongoing migration to cloud.

And having the right hardware, will give you the control you need to define your software environment which in turn, will impact your overall business strategy.


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