A look to 2021: What Have Businesses Learnt So Far?

Dell Technology And Evros Digital TransformationNow that the country is starting to open back up, businesses are looking to find new ways to work.

And we’re already seeing research demonstrating a need for adaptation, flexibility and change.

There’s no doubt that businesses have been hit hard and we are now switching our focus. Companies need to be leaner and more agile than ever. Not just a quick fix, investments need to be carefully planned, processes reworked, and systems updated for long-term growth.

We’ve already discussed the physical return to work and how you can make it a safer experience for your employees.

But what about the business side of things and more specifically, how can we drive value going forwards?


Digital and Workplace Transformation

Now that the initial changes have taken place, let’s look at how businesses can approach their IT and infrastructure for maximum return.


Careful planning

IT is more than just a department. In fact, how your infrastructure is set up can really affect how you do business, how you interact with customers and how agile you are.

So, it’s no surprise that having the correct digital architecture can benefit your company in so many different ways.

Moreover, many companies that have adopted new technologies and continued their journey of digitisation, have leapt ahead of previous, larger competitors, because they have become that more agile. It also means they can react to both expected and unexpected shifts within their markets.


Work with experts

One of the things that’s so positive about technology is that it empowers people to do so much more. But it’s so important that your systems, applications and workflows align with your overall business goals so that everything works together.

Otherwise you’re either not making the most of the technology that’s in place, or you need to transform your environment so that it contributes more to the business.

Digital Transformation is not just about updating your hardware, it’s about looking at what your business does and what it needs to do, and how technology can help you transform it.

And when you work with technical experts who also understand enterprise and how to solve business problems with technology, then you’ll be a lot closer to what you want to achieve.


Go digital

Digital Transformation was on the cards for many businesses pre-covid. But since the pandemic, it’s been clearer than ever that digitisation is what has enabled businesses to adapt so well. It’s not just about agility but it’s about resilience and finding ways to change direction whatever the situation.

Digitisation is not just the future, it’s the now.


Cloud enablement

Modern, cloud technologies are powerful. And when deployed correctly, they can enable your business and drive true agility and scalability – which is so important especially in the current climate.

But a true cloud strategy needs to be planned by people who know what they’re doing. Not just to ensure it’s set up right and secure, but also to manage costs and help you ensure your cloud environment works for your business. Afterall, cloud isn’t always a solution on its own, it’s a tool but it can be a very powerful tool when used correctly.

Modern, hyperconverged infrastructure is a key enabler in helping you transform your IT. Mainly because it’s optimised for a cloud environment. Legacy systems can sometimes make what should be a fairly condensed process into something a lot more complex and costly.

So, addressing your hardware helps you to build the correct set up from the bottom up.


How Evros and Dell Technologies can help your business

Evros Technology Group is a Titanium Partner with Dell. This means we’re able to deliver industry-leading infrastructure along with the highest level of specialist knowledge and technical expertise to ensure we create the right solution for your business.


End Users

With almost everyone now working from home or adopting a framework for more flexible working, having the right hardware is important, but how it integrates with the corporate environment, particularly security, is more critical than ever.

Dell Laptops, monitors and accessories enable end users and IT staff to quickly setup workspaces from home, supported fully by Dell Support Services. Support tools such as Dell SupportAssist provide automated, proactive and predictive support for all hardware from Dell, wherever it is installed.

With security at the top of everyone’s priority list, even more so when sensitive data is accessed outside of the office, introducing flexible but secure environments for remote working end users is an important step in controlling corporate data availability, access and security.

Dell Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) gives employees the choice and flexibility they need, while ensuring your data is protected. VDI and thin client solutions enhance security by centrally storing data and applications in the data centre, rather than on individual laptops and PCs, while still being available to authenticated users from any location. Administrators have the control to limit or expand access to corporate data, while end users have the flexibility to access the same customised and personal desktop from any device and any location. Wyse Thin Clients in particular have long life cycles and self-configure, which really helps to simplify deployment and reduce costs.


Corporate Infrastructure

Dell Technologies and Evros can supply and deploy an end-to-end stack from laptops and PCs, through storage, compute and virtualisation, to networking and security solutions, providing a unified ecosystem fully supported by a single vendor support team.

During the recent lockdown, IT staff have also needed to work remotely, and having the right tools and processes in place can ensure the corporate infrastructure continues to be monitored and maintained in an optimal state.

Dell’s support tools provide that proactive remote monitoring capability so critical to providing peace-of-mind to IT staff that the systems will remain operational.

Dell Secure Remote Services (SRS) is a proactive monitoring system for helping you maintain higher availability, faster uptime and prompt issue resolution. It’s completely virtual so there’s no need for onsite engineers – particularly relevant to the current situation – but also from an ease of management perspective.

Equally, Dell SupportAssist can help you detect any issues with your hardware. Once identified, the resolution is kick-started as automatic notifications and necessary diagnostic information are sent to Dell for troubleshooting. The technical support team will then contact you, to help prevent any issues going any further.

Evros Managed IT Services provide monitoring, support and administration services of the Dell Technologies stack. These services can enhance the services provided by Dell Support with our familiarity of a customer’s environment, providing additional administrative services beyond standard support. Evros can quickly ramp up the required services in events such as the current situation, assisting IT staff with home office deployments, back-filling administrative duties, and upgrading and expanding existing infrastructure to cope with changing demands.

Evros Managed IT Services not only give you peace of mind, but we can act as the voice of the business. If a technical issue is discovered, we have the expertise to ensure it gets fixed quickly. Our close relationship with Dell also means we can head straight to the source should the situation require.

Operating out of both Ireland and New Zealand, we can provide full 24/7/365 support with a range of network and security services.


Cloud Integration

Dell Technologies fully integrate with all the main cloud providers. The Dell stack has heavy cloud integration features making it much easier to expand and grow into cloud. With storage systems that run in the cloud, onsite arrays that can tier and archive data from your production systems into cloud blob storage, and backup solutions that can backup and archive to the cloud, all from within the same management consoles.

Essentially, Dell systems allows you to integrate your entire Dell stack into your cloud environment to really improve your cloud experience with a consistent operating model for easier, single pane management – however you store your data. Combined with Evros Professional Services, we can help customers to design, deploy, integrate and optimise their corporate environments for agility, flexibility and, most importantly, security.


Digital Transformation

At Evros, we have the experience and the technical expertise that our customers need, not only to architect and design their infrastructure stack to meet and exceed business requirements, but also to guide the deployment and integration of solutions to optimise performance and security, as well as to support customers on an ongoing basis.

Read more about the services we offer with Dell Technologies here.