Join the Huddle: The Latest in Modern Work Collaboration

By February 4, 2019eSource, IT Procurement

Efficiencies in our everyday work lives have become the norm with hot-desking and remote working on the rise across Irish companies.

Yet amidst this burst of time optimisation, companies committed to success must be conscious to create modern collaboration spaces for this growing group of professional nomads.

The response to such enterprise mobility has given rise to the smaller meeting spaces, pods or ‘huddle rooms’ where typically a group of 2-6 people can collaborate with their professional peers and co-workers.

What’s A Huddle Room?

In the same way a team huddles up to plan their next moves and take down the competition, a huddle room is a strategically small meeting space that empowers people to meet quickly and easily.

There is an estimated 32 million huddle rooms around the world. Yet, only two per cent of those spaces include equipment for video conferencing. The challenge arises when you have a growing number of remote workers, who don’t benefit from these smaller ‘huddle’ spaces, because of a weak phone connection.

Bring The Remote Worker Back Into The Huddle 

Plantronics, an audio pioneer and unified communications technology leader, announced its debut into the huddle room video market with its new plug-and-play video bar, Polycom Studio.

If your employees use PCs or Macs for video collaboration with services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, or Amazon Chime, up your game with Polycom’s HD audio and video quality packaged into a portable USB device.

The HD audio and video clarity that Polycom Studio provides, even the smallest of spaces can have boardroom capability.

With a simple USB connection, any PC or Mac can leverage the power of Polycom Studio to elevate audio and video meeting experiences. Its patented NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence technologies reduce distracting noise from office environments for professional-sounding communications.

Polycom Studio Key Features include:

  • Automatic speaker tracking focuses on whoever is speaking within an ultra-wide 120-degree field of view
  • With 4K resolution and 5x electronic zoom, Polycom Studio provides TV studio quality and experiences in a meeting
  • Wireless connection to a corporate network that offers IT professionals a ‘no touch’ experience
  • Easily managed through the cloud with the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise or on premises with Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager

“Polycom Studio lets everyone get in the game of quality video conferencing,” said Joe Burton, president and chief executive officer at Plantronics.

“Polycom Studio is an important first step for newly combined Plantronics and Polycom to address the huddle room needs of the modern office.”

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