Microsoft and Citrix Join Forces (What It Means For Businesses)

By July 21, 2020Tech News

citrix and microsoft join forcesSince the beginning of the pandemic, engineers at Evros have been working around the clock to help our customers adapt to working from home.

And many of the most urgent projects for enabling businesses to work outside of the office walls have involved implementing both Citrix and Microsoft solutions. Capabilities such as:

  • Adding additional short-term licensing via Citrix CSP options
  • Enabling Microsoft Teams
  • Improving security for remote workers via Citrix Gateway + Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Performing migrations to Microsoft Azure
  • Adding remote access to existing Citrix environments via Citrix Gateway


But now the initial enablement is in place for many businesses, they are looking for more permanent solutions to transform the way they work and how they do business.

And with the economy in need of some serious investment to kickstart it back into an upward trajectory, Microsoft and Citrix have announced they are joining forces to accelerate digital transformation.


Why is the Microsoft and Citrix Partnership so important?

One of the most exciting aspects about the Citrix Microsoft partnership is that it’s really about driving the future of work.

Over the past few months, we’ve relied on technology almost completely to do everything. From ordering essentials, to communicating, collaborating and connecting.

And at the heart of these functionalities are Citrix and Microsoft technologies such as cloud, software, networking, security and more.

What the actual partnership means is that the two companies will be working more closely together with Microsoft selecting Citrix Workspace as a preferred digital workspace solution, and Citrix choosing Azure as their preferred cloud platform as well as moving existing on-premises Citrix customers to Azure to enable people to work anywhere, across all devices.


What does the partnership mean for businesses?

We’ve spoken before about how modern cloud technologies empower agility. And the partnership between these two leaders in technology means that partners like us will be able to deliver a more integrated experience to our customers. – is this true? Any specifics I can mention?


Some of the specific optimisations include:

Citrix Managed Desktops on Azure: we can help you deliver an amazing Windows-based application and desktop experience to your workforce, securely from the cloud, to any device, anywhere.


HDX Optimisation for Microsoft Teams: See improved interactivity and session responsiveness, as well as reduced data centre compute requirements, with Citrix optimisation of Microsoft Teams.

Furthermore, Teams optimisation is now bundled with the VDA as well as the Workspace App – enabled by default.

Citrix is also integrating Citrix Workspace with Microsoft Teams. Users will be able to take insights or activities from Workspace and share them easily in Teams, combining Workspace’s personal productivity experience with Teams’ collaboration tools.


Office 365 Optimisation with Citrix SD-WAN: This feature will help businesses to use standard internet connections to connect to Office 365 applications while ensuring reliable and high-performance workspace experiences regardless of user location.

Moreover, IT administrators will get added protection at the network and app layer from traffic entering remote locations directly.


SD-WAN for Windows Virtual Desktop: Citrix SD-WAN is one of the best ways for organisations to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop as part of Citrix Workspace. You’ll get automated set up of your network, high-availability and secure connections, as well as a great user experience.


SD-WAN for Citrix Managed Desktops: The integration with SD-WAN technology will simplify network connectivity from your cloud-hosted desktops to your on-premises resources. Essentially this will help your end user experience with optimised remote access to applications such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.


Citrix Support for Intune Device Compliance APIs:

Citrix will integrate APIs for Intune that will enable Citrix Endpoint Management to push device-compliance status through Intune to Azure Active Directory.


Citrix Support for Windows Virtual Desktop: We can help you manage your hybrid-cloud environment while using Windows Virtual Desktop hosted in Azure alongside on-premises or existing hybrid-cloud VDI deployments. Manage your environment from the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service and deploy as well as scale your Windows desktops and apps securely on Azure.


Microsoft’s News Centre reported on the partnership and what it will mean going forwards:

“As organisations everywhere adapt to new ways of work, they will need to reimagine how and where work gets done,” says Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

“Together with Citrix, we will apply the power of Azure to this challenge, helping our customers seamlessly and securely connect their employees to their applications, so they can be more agile and productive wherever they are.”

David Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix adds: “Together, Citrix and Microsoft can deliver a powerful digital workspace in a trusted and secure public cloud where employees can access everything they need to engage and be productive whether they are at home, in the office, or on the road.”


Read more about our partnerships with Microsoft and Citrix on our Partner Page.