Double Win for Evros at Microsoft Inspire 2021

By July 27, 2021Tech News

microsoft partner awards 2021 winners evrosThis year’s Microsoft Inspire saw Evros crowned Partner of the Year for Ireland 2021, for Apps and Solutions within Microsoft Teams and also for Employee Experience – an incredible double win!

Both of these awards are in recognition of our dedication to Irish Businesses throughout the pandemic where we built multiple innovative solutions for enabling flexible working. Our bespoke solutions, which can all be integrated with Microsoft Teams, have since been rolled out to over 15,000 users across 15 different countries throughout Europe.

The development of our unique solution, Evros Office Pass, in particular, also demonstrates our commitment to helping businesses with what they need the most right now – which is to get back to the workplace safely.

By building intuitive solutions for Office 365 which can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams, we’ve been able to unlock the barriers to returning to the office for businesses everywhere as well as provide them with powerful insights into their data so they can be more efficient and more sustainable too.

Additionally, from an employee perspective, we’ve been able to give users a simplified way of working so that they can stay connected and get back to doing more things of higher value.

“I’m absolutely over the moon to have won these awards! They not only recognise all of the hard work we do here at Evros Labs, but also demonstrate the importance of being ahead of the curve, something we have prided ourselves on since our inception,” says Evros Business Solutions Practice Director and Founder of Evros Labs, Paul Gilbride.

“What’s important now is that we get businesses back to their workplace safely as well as develop more, innovative solutions as we approach a new way of working.

“And by leveraging Power Apps and the Power Platform, as well as RPA, we can look to reduce the overall cost of driving a successful business. The time for true digital innovation has arrived.”

You can find out more about Evros Office Pass here or why not read up on the benefits of integrating Power Apps with Teams in our feature.


Our commitment and continued success

The past twelve months have undoubtedly been a significant challenge for many businesses around the globe. However, with every difficulty, comes a new way of thinking, and this year in particular has been an opportunity for the team at Evros to focus our innovation, ingenuity and rapid development. Not just to support businesses in adapting to the new landscape, but also to aid the most critical sectors around the country in enabling fundamental services and satisfying unprecedented demand.

Our achievements have not gone unrecognised and over the last year, we are extremely proud to have been awarded some of the most sought-after Microsoft accolades.

In addition to being Business Applications Partner of the Year two years’ running (2019 and 2020), we also achieved Azure Expert MSP status. Furthermore, we also achieved the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization, as well as the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization and the Calling for Microsoft Teams Specialization.

These programmes carry significant barriers to entry. They also require Evros to be independently audited, and it is only through the demonstration of our methodology, technical expertise, and process management that we can acquire such significant status as a Microsoft Partner.


Our Innovation Through Microsoft

The Microsoft Practice at Evros has grown in recent years to become one of the most fundamental business units in Evros. Across the pillars we have invested heavily in people, technology, processes, and marketing to lead the way across the board.

Our priorities align closely with Microsoft’s and our Business Unit leads in each of the strategic areas are working closely with Microsoft to support businesses across Ireland, throughout what has been a truly dynamic year. One that has required enormous agility, adaptation, technical understanding, and rapid deployment – all of which we have achieved through using Microsoft Technologies as well as our own innovation, experience, and strong customer relationships.

Find out more about our partnership with Microsoft here.