Microsoft Teams and Power Apps Integration: The Possibilities Explored

power apps and microsoft teams integration Microsoft Teams and Power Apps are continually evolving. And due to the unexpected changes in 2020, they have been even more of a major focus for Microsoft this year.

Not only have we seen more sophisticated functionalities added to both Teams and the Power Platform in recent months, but we’re also seeing continued integration between all of the applications within Office 365.

So, why does this matter?

The days of Microsoft applications being viewed as individual tools is a thing of the past. Now, what we’re experiencing, is a deeper level of connectivity between all of the 365 components.

And Teams – supported by SharePoint integration – is very much at the centre of all that.

Especially, with so many of us working remotely now, Teams has grown to become our virtual office – connecting us both digitally and socially.

And as a hub for all of our activity, it makes sense that Power Apps can now be integrated deeper into Teams too.

But what are the benefits of doing this?


Power Apps and Teams Integration: What are the benefits?


1) Deploy Companywide Solutions in an instant

The newest advancement with Power Apps is the ability to embed it as part of the global navigation in Teams. (Previously, it could only be a tab in a channel). So, why is this a game changer? Well, if you want to deploy an app quickly to users, it is now super simple.

“As part of our recent roll out of Safe Trace, we needed to deploy to thousands of users overnight,” says Business Solutions Practice Director, Paul Gilbride.

“We were able to bypass the challenge of a rollout process by simply adding the app to the Teams App Store and making it available the following morning to 4,500 users. Users then also had the option to download it to their phones (if they wanted to) at their leisure,” he says.

This advancement turns Teams into a truly modern workplace encompassing all of your activities, apps and more.

Evros Contact Tracing App Integrated In Microsoft Teams

2) Greater collaboration

By integrating Power Apps into Teams, businesses can align their core processes with everyday collaboration and communication. Ultimately, this helps workflows become smoother and more intertwined; shared apps become readily available across the organisation and specified groups can access and interact with shared data and analytics.


3) Greater productivity

By incorporating your own Power Apps into the Teams platform, navigation becomes a lot quicker. This means you don’t need to jump in and out of the platform or have your thought processes interrupted while you find the tools you need.

Adding specific Power Apps into Teams also helps organisations prioritise certain activities. For example, by incorporating the Evros Safe Trace app into Teams, logging your work contacts is a task that’s easy to remember and quick to access.


4) More time to be creative

Of course, one of the major advantages of using Power Apps is its ability to tap into Azure to help solve more complex business problems through the power of low code. And this means businesses are able to save time and energy on the things that can be automated, leaving their employees more time to be creative and do things of higher business value.

This means less time processing physical forms or doing repetitive tasks which can be done through AI.

By integrating Power Apps with Teams, organisations will have the opportunity to work more closely with Power Apps and take advantage of the many benefits that business applications can bring in terms of increased productivity.


5) A more personalised way of working

Different apps will be useful depending on what your role is. Within Teams, users are able to personalise what apps they have pinned to their bar so that they can access relevant tools in an instant.

Additionally, admin users can also integrate customised apps into the platform. So, if you have developed a specific tool to help you work, that can be brought in too.


6) Give all your tools a home

Teams can also be used as a hub for companywide tools such as HR forms and policy documents.

By incorporating the Evros Connect App for example, you can use Teams to access all the tools you need to maintain your company newsfeed and send urgent push notifications to staff whenever you need.


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