Why Microsoft Teams Works So Well For Recruitment Agencies

There are many things that have come out of 2020. The pandemic for sure, but there have also been a lot of positives too.

It’s been a year where everything got shaken up. Rulebooks were thrown out the window, opportunities were opened up and priorities got straightened out.

And now, as we look to the future, we have the chance to take with us the things that we actually enjoyed about 2020.

Flexible working, more time at home, a healthier environment and an easier commute!

Of course, most of us have been temporarily transported to an online world for the past 12 months. But in turn, this has brought so many benefits in terms of saving time, money and resources – as well as giving us a wider scope for connecting with others.

And one of the industries that this change in our way of working has impacted the most, is the recruitment industry.

This sector in particular is all about connecting people – which is what Microsoft Teams does best.

Let’s look at some of these benefits in more detail:


Working with employers

From a recruitment perspective, working closely with clients is extremely important. For calls, understand company culture, updates, document sharing and more.

Users can use Teams to create different groups within Teams, which not only helps to keep everything organised, but also helps avoid a full, messy inbox with emails from a myriad of businesses, who are all looking for different things.


Working with candidates

Once candidates have been selected, you can immediately share all of the relevant CVs and documentation with the correct employer so that they can review when ready.

Candidates will also benefit from a more personal experience with video calls,



Scheduling interviews while coordinating timings, room bookings and travel arrangements can be a recruiter’s nightmare.

So, moving the whole process online, makes everything easier for everyone – employers, recruiters and candidates alike. Moreover, it’s a massive time-saver and if the employer needs to move the date and time at the last minute, the candidate isn’t left waiting around.



Many interviews require the candidate to prepare a presentation – which can be done easily via Teams. And now, with added features such as custom layouts, presentations have even more of a professional edge.


Time saving

One of the biggest efficiencies of using Teams is the time saving it brings. And when employers need to fill contracts fast, this is a massive help.

If a candidate meets the criteria, subsequent video interviews can then be scheduled in quick succession which is invaluable when you’re working to a strict deadline.



One of Teams’ key differentiators is the level of security that is integrated into the platform. In fact, Teams was built with security at the forefront of its design right from the beginning, which is why it’s such a fundamental part of its architecture.

All Teams-to-Teams calls are encrypted – even when one user is using the web application version – making it ideal for data protection, which is key in this day and age.


Contract signing

Teams can also now be integrated with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, for contract signing.

No more posting or emailing contracts – everything can be provided and sorted via Teams for a much smoother process as well as the potential for an earlier start date!


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Microsoft Teams is already helping Recruitment Agencies all over the world to get their job done more seamlessly than ever before.

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