Reimagine Your Business: Why Digital Transformation Needs To Put People First

reimagine your business inspirational imageWe live in an age where there’s no such thing as normal.

What works for some, doesn’t work for others and vice versa. Digital disruption has changed our way of thinking and more modern approaches to business are allowing the unconventional to be the new convention.

And as businesses evolve and adapt their technologies to keep up with consumer trends, one thing has always stood true – that it’s the people who need to come first.

Technology is there to empower, inspire and enable us more than anything to live our lives the way we want to live them – whether it’s at work, home or wherever you may be.

So, when we think of digital transformation, what we need is the right technologies to empower people so that they have the flexibility to do more – for themselves – as well as the business they work for.

And as the digital landscape becomes more advanced, we can start to turn the tables. No longer will we need to adjust to technical parameters, but instead we can design and architect our infrastructure to accommodate a more modern approach.

So, in a world where we can now choose how and where we work, what does this look like? And what happens when we start to unstick ourselves from the more traditional business framework?


Technology for changing the way we work

We, as humans, are at the centre of any business and when we’re empowered by the right technologies, we can do so much more.

For example, developments in AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are not just helping us to streamline processes but they’re quite literally transforming the way we work.

In another light, having the right infrastructure that is flexible and easy to manage, can free up teams of engineers so that they can focus their attention on technical innovation.

This also highlights the importance of having the right setup in terms of the technical design and architecture of your IT infrastructure. Mainly because this will ultimately determine your potential to move and expand.

Cloud-based technologies are allowing businesses to break free from traditional confines as well as scale and adapt as they need.

So, what we have is the opportunity to choose the way we work and create an environment that works for the business as well as the people within it.


Technology for changing where we work

Flexible working, remote working and working from home have never been more prevalent. And when businesses have the technical capability to allow their staff to work from outside of the office, we benefit.

The cut on the number of people commuting benefits the environment for one – as well as the potential stress levels of the people around the business. And with some of us commuting up to several hours a day, suddenly we have so much more time. Time to think, time for the people we love and time to be creative. We’re also spending less time in cars as well as less time making our way to and from meetings. Our colleagues are simply a click away and so it really does make for an easier pace throughout the working day.

Virtual desktop capabilities also mean we aren’t constricted to using specific PCs or laptops to do our jobs.

The issues normally associated with working on a home computer over a domestic internet connection can be resolved through careful connectivity and security configuration. Leaving staff to be more flexible in choosing where they work best or simply allowing them work from home if they need to.

Businesses are also enabled especially those that are based in more remote areas so again, your setup doesn’t need to necessarily rely on that traditional framework.


Technology for transforming the way we communicate

Communicating at work means so much more than just talking – it’s about sharing ideas, developing new concepts and translating your imagination into something that everyone can see and understand.

So, for many, words are not enough. And that’s how we can bring in different technical tools to cultivate different ideas, grow projects, share information and give everyone a base to work from.

From virtual whiteboards, to project management tools, direct messaging, video calls, bots, apps and more – there are so many ways we can connect and collaborate with those both inside and outside the business.


A more flexible way of working

Ultimately, technology is there to enhance, enable, inspire and solve a problem – but it’s there as a tool, and that tool is in the hands of people.

And it’s true that when you look after your people, your people will look after your business.

And when you shape your IT in a way that gives your staff the freedom to fulfil their potential, the benefits are tenfold.


Technologies for returning to work safely

We want to make sure you have everything you need to re-imagine your business – safely.

That’s why we’ve built a selection of easy to use apps to help you manage your work environment in a simple and effective manner.

Find out more about our Tools for Empowering a Safer Workplace.