Maintaining Systems Security (While Working From Home)

By May 20, 2020Cyber Security

Few businesses were able to plan for the covid-19 crisis. And even though some had limited capability for remote working already in place, many needed to enable that capacity for their entire workforce almost overnight.

Decisions needed to be made and workarounds needed to be implemented. In addition, many rushed to adopt cloud services for further enablement. However, these were often deployed without proper security planning and checking.

So, now that we have reached a point where many are setup and working from home, it’s vital we make sure that the initial workarounds that were originally put in place, are now re-examined and any potential vulnerabilities are addressed – before it’s too late.

Securing your data

Evros CIO and Security Lead, Joe Brady, discusses the considerations businesses need to make to ensure their data is secure while staff are working from home.

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