The 7 Secret Benefits of Outsourced Managed Service Desk

Outsourced Managed Service support has now become the popular go-to solution for many enterprises. Here’s why.

outsourced managed service provider


Well-known for cost savings and time efficiency, outsourced support also delivers a whole host of hidden benefits that many organisations overlook.

If your company is considering outsourcing its service desk, here are the main 7 hidden advantages that you should know about:

  • No need to pay for, or manage service desk software or licensing
  • SLA responsibility becomes outsourced, and this includes penalties imposed for any breaches
  • Absenteeism or backfill is covered via extended support desk of the supplier
  • Poor performance can be replaced on request quickly and seamlessly
  • Capacity to expand the team in busy periods e.g. during the release of new software or products
  • Far fewer administration costs – one invoice per quarter and no timesheets, OT approvals, management or HR issues
  • With Evros, escalation paths are available for P1 issues through the expanded team up to Level 3 and Professional Services resources.

A consultative-led approach is best to determine whether it’s the right solution for your organisation and if it’s the right time.

What distinguishes Evros above all other Managed Service providers is our dedication to technical excellence delivering services through two 24x7x365 fully manned Network Operations Centre locations with ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1 certification, processes and procedures run according to fully audited ITIL principles.

Evros delivers next-generation technology management solutions developed across almost 30 years, with:

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