This is how you prevent visual hacking: HP Sure View

By July 3, 2018IT Procurement, Security

Your sensitive information is being accessed in more places and more visible places. Let’s explore how you can protect against visual hackers.

HP Sure View

As your workforce becomes more mobile and business demands productivity around the clock, visual privacy becomes a growing risk.

According to 3M Visual Hacking Experiments carried out, during 63 per cent of trials the visual hacker obtained sensitive company information in less than half an hour.

Furthermore, nearly four pieces of private information were visually hacked per trial.

Do you know where your data is? And who’s looking at it? Your sensitive information may be at risk and easy to obtain from visual hackers. Understanding their approach can help shape your visual privacy policy.

Have you heard about HP Sure View?

Hailed as the first of its kind, HP developed an integrated privacy screen called HP Sure View. The HP feature which was developed in partnership with privacy firm 3M, lets you adjust the viewing angles of your own PC screen, to stop curious eyes from seeing your sensitive data. All at one click of a button!

HP Sure View

How to use HP Sure View:

To prevent side-angle viewing from bystanders, press Function and F2 to turn on your privacy screen.

The content on the screen will be clearly visible to you as you sit in front of the screen but becomes difficult to view information on the screen when looking from the side.

To darken your privacy screen, press Function and F5.

To lighten your privacy screen, press Function and F6.

TIP: To immediately turn on the highest privacy darkness level, press Function and P.

To turn off the Sure View privacy screen again, press function F2.

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