Understanding the Enterprise Need for Digital Strategy

All companies are more dependent on technology as it becomes further included in key business planning.

According to Gartner, “Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future. Rich digital services will be delivered to everything and intelligence will be embedded in everything behind the scenes.”

We are now seeing technologies within enterprises move away from being a cost centre for companies, and evolving into a revenue generative business feature. With rapid advancements in AI, cognitive services, machine learning and robotic process automation, companies investing in their digital strategy.

Why is Digital Transformation an Important Driver in Digital Strategy?

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technologies into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

As a result, Digital Transformation in enterprises drives better revenue, increased growth, and higher customer acquisition. It will also deliver richer customer experience and quicker go-to-market with products. Ultimately, this will enhance economic value for the business.

Technology will continue to become richer and more intelligible from a technical and business perspective. Moreover, many business leaders are now recognising the need to get the foundations in place for this transformation.

So, how can companies align its digital strategy to its central business strategy and reap these transformative benefits?

The Evros Digital Strategy 

Evros developed its digital strategy upon a framework that uncovers opportunity within a business to drive out digital transformation. Our framework allows customers to digest how technology can help across the various areas of their business. It also offers up a structured conversation with our customers that uncovers where technology can evolve parts of their company.

It works really well for non-technical business owners as it helps them realise what they want out of technology as a business outcome.

To execute a successful Digital Transformation campaign, firstly, we need to understand how technology maps across the different areas of our customers’ businesses. In this case, the framework also helps us as an initial engagement perspective. Our main priority is to see where the emphasis is within the organisation, what they view as Digital Transformation and what they want to prioritise within their digital strategy.

Our team shares a technology toolkit and a structure that will help business leaders to explore:

  • What enables your business to operate efficiently?
  • What can truly transform your business proposition and your customer engagement?

From there, we can pinpoint areas of immediate opportunity, while planning for longer-term transformative gains.

Business-level Engagement is Key

Above all, the most crucial factor that will ascertain the success of Digital Transformation is the level of business engagement. Our team identify the quick wins and prioritise them. We concentrate on the opportunities that require low effort, but yield high value. Why?

We need to show stakeholders almost immediately, how a comprehensive digital strategy will bring that capability into reality. The key challenge is readjusting the mindset across the board. When they see a tangible output, it changes their outlook on AI, Machine Learning, and cognitive services. And finally, they will recognise that this technology is available and readily consumable by business leaders to solve challenges and bring differentiation to their market.

Our Digital Transformation workshop guides customers through a structured conversation, mapping out the business and delivering a comprehensive Digital opportunity canvas that will highlight digital ‘quick wins’, while outlining a longer-term digital strategy.

Getting your organisation ‘digital-ready’ can be daunting. Our Digital Transformation services will guide how your company can take advantage of emerging technologies to streamline higher returns on your data investments. Talk to our team today.