What Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

what is business process management bpm evros automation servicesThe pandemic has brought with it a new way of life. And for many, it has completely reorganised how we work. We’ve seen an accelerated move to cloud as well as complete overhauls of networking, communications and cyber security.

So, where are we now?

Following the initial pivot, the changes that have occurred over the past 18 months need to be examined and refined, so that we can move forward in a way that drives consistent ROI, efficiency and connectivity.

At the same time resources are becoming more expensive, so this is another factor to take into consideration. Ultimately, now is the chance to redesign and innovate within your organisation for a more optimised way of working.

Enter Business Process Management.


What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management (BPM) is a method of optimising your workflows so that they align with your investment and your business goals. It is a way of mapping out the steps involved in your most critical processes so that you can make efficiencies and drive higher value across the business.


Business Process Management (BPM) Vs Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Business Process Management (BPM) is the traditional term for being focused on measuring, analysing, modelling and optimising workflows, while Digital Process Automation (DPA) takes a more modern approach through the provision of a low-code application development environment that supports smart data integration.

DPA is a cost-effective, user-friendly enterprise platform where you can build business applications to automate your processes and connect to systems, including your legacy applications. DPA enables you to track and report against your processes in a secure and compliant manner.


What are the benefits of Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation is all about creating a strong foundation for your business. The benefits of doing this include:

Improved efficiency and reduced costs – BPM allows you to analyse your workflows and cut out the time spent on tasks that drive no value. It also allows you automate repetitive tasks, integrate your systems, eliminate human error, ensure compliance and overall save time and money.

Enhanced customer experience – BPM makes data available so that the customer journey can be put into context, helping you to create more personalised experiences. This boosts end user productivity by streamlining and focusing employee workloads.

Greater connectivity – eliminate silos and disjointed ways of working to provide a single view of your data, for better informed and more efficient decision making.

Effective collaboration – BPM allows you to access a holistic overview of your processes, giving teams the power to collaborate more effectively though a single platform.

Seamless business orchestration – coordinate your systems, process and people across the entire business to support your investment strategy.

Reduced Risk – define, document and automate complex processes. Execute activities in a consistent manner which can then be validated through reporting and audit logs.


What are the benefits of business process automation?

There are multiple benefits to automation:

  • Bots can do the work of 3-5 FTEs, allowing for increased output, on a 24/7 basis, with a saving of up to 50%.
  • They also allow you to eliminate human error while increasing speed and accuracy.
  • Automation is perfect for legacy systems – bots ‘learn’ the steps a human would normally take with no coding or technical integration required.
  • Automation allows you to ensure all necessary steps and checks are taken with log, audit and reporting capabilities.

Read more about the power of automation in our feature: Human Vs Robot.


What are Business Process Management (BPM) technologies?

These are the tools we use to both map and orchestrate workflows. These workflows can include common processes, for example, employee onboarding and offboarding and invoice management.

At Evros, we are partners with Bizagi, who are global leaders in Business Process Management and leverage their low-code digital platform to transform business processes. Bizagi handles highly complex processes intelligently and is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It can integrate systems and manages workflows seamlessly so that nothing gets missed and actions are completed in a timely manner.


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