What is Windows 365?

By July 28, 2021Tech News

What is windows 365 by gerry kerrIn this feature, Microsoft Practice Director, Gerry Kerr, outlines Windows 365, who it’s for and what the requirements are.

What is Windows 365?

At its simplest, Windows 365 offers a cloud PC accessible anywhere from a multitude of devices. It is a single subscription that gives you everything you need with no mucking around with virtualisation, networking, storage, server licencing – all the complexities of traditional virtualisation offerings. Even better, Windows 365 is supported on virtually every current operating system – Windows 10 and 11, macOS, iPadOS a, Linux and android.


Why did Microsoft create Windows 365?

The intent of Windows 365 is to give users:

  • An easy to deploy desktop experience – Microsoft quote minutes to deploy
  • Access to a customised, patched windows desktop available anywhere
  • Pick up where you left off on any device
  • Per user pricing – no hidden extras
  • Integrated with Microsoft endpoint manager
  • On-the-fly, virtual machine configuration upgrades (admin required)


Windows 365 licencing requirements

To use Windows 365, you have to meet the following licencing requirements:

  • Users with Windows Pro endpoints will need a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 + EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/E5/ Microsoft Business Premium
  • Users with non-Windows Pro endpoints, will need Windows VDA E3 + EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/F5/M
  • The organisation with need a Virtual Network (vNET) in Azure subscription
  • AD must be in sync with Azure AD to provide hybrid identity in Azure AD
  • Microsoft Intune supported licences (e.g. Microsoft 365 E3)


Who is Windows 365 designed for?

Based on the prerequisites outlined below, Windows 365 is clearly designed for businesses. It assumes that a certain number of facilities are already in place.


Windows 365 Pricing

Pricing details are going to be released on August 2nd 2021. What has been published is the various standard configurations available – see configurations options below:


Windows 365 configuration options:

windows 365 configuration options

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