What Will Hybrid Working Look Like?

what will hybrid working look likeVaccines are being rolled out; numbers are going down and we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, what does this mean for businesses? The pandemic has had a huge impact on how we work and has got us thinking about the future. Many of us want to hold onto the benefits that we have experienced from working at home. Spending more time with our families, doing less commuting, spending less and just having the chance to slow the pace a little.

But there’s definitely a balance to be struck. And even though we’re in a position to continue benefiting from working remotely, many still want to have the opportunity to be with their colleagues, get re-connected with the working world, get some focus time and feel less isolated.


Transitioning to a hybrid workplace: Will it be easy?

There is no one right path to hybrid working and every business is different. We have already seen from numerous reports on flexible working that we all have different ideas on how we want to approach the future. And as well as taking into account all of regulations that have been put in place by the Government we also need to look at the other elements that will go into developing an overall framework. This means considering flexible working policies, well-being, data management, communication as well as other considerations.

Hybrid Working: What are the considerations?

Hybrid working: The need to be with people

We know that the hybrid model that you start with, is unlikely to be the same in one to two years’ time. However, there will be some aspects that will remain the same, and these really equate to what we need as human beings.

A quick glance at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates our human need for bonds, relationship building and friendships – all of which most naturally occur when we’re with people.

Additionally, if we consider our need for self-actualisation and becoming the best person we can be, this isn’t something we would necessarily envisage being attained in isolation – certainly not in the working world either.

In any business, we work and connect with others on a daily basis. And even though technology allows us to do this remotely, there will always be times when we want – or need – to be together.


Hybrid working: What are the first steps?

The first steps are about enabling choice. For so long now, we’ve been confined and there wasn’t the option to find balance.

Now, we are looking to open up again and this means empowering employees to be able to choose where they work and how they structure their week. And the first steps involved in this are about creating a workplace that’s safe and easy to manage.


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