Why Choose Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

By January 12, 2021Cloud Computing

Why Choose Windows Virtual DesktopWindows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – now known as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – gives users a high quality, virtualised experience with the only solution that’s fully optimised for Windows 10 and Office 365.

Benefits also include:

  • Built-in intelligent security
  • Can be deployed and scaled in minutes
  • Reduces costs by using existing licences

Azure Virtual Desktop also forms part of our Azure Serve Solution which allows you to access your data remotely, while adhering to even the strictest of compliance, governance and security requirements.


What is Azure Serve?

Azure Serve is a unique, technical opportunity for organisations to leverage our experience and technical expertise to discover what’s possible, while still adhering to all relevant industry requirements.

By utilising the power of Azure Virtual Desktop, and Evros’ Azure experience, we can deliver the tools and information your users need, to any device, while keeping your data secure and all in one place.


How does Azure Serve work?

Azure Serve helps you to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop configured as you need it, while adhering to all of your compliance, governance and security requirements.

“Azure Virtual Desktop is extremely accessible and simple to deploy. However, configuring the service so that it fulfils all of your application, as well as all of your compliance requirements, is much more complex.

Azure Serve addresses this gap, by giving you a Proof of Concept which is configured exactly to your requirements so you can accurately assess if it suits your business needs,” says Joe Carlyle, Principal Azure Solution Architect and Microsoft MVP.


Unique benefits of Azure Serve

  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is the only service that can leverage Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.
  • As the service runs on Azure, there are unique cost optimisation opportunities to ensure your environment runs as efficiently and lightweight as possible.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop reduces the administration required by managing the connectivity layer for you. And what’s even better, is this component of the service is free!
  • If you would like to leverage Windows Server via Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Hybrid Use Benefit can greatly reduce the cost of your service and is an offer unique to Azure.


Are you looking for a new way to work?

There are so many benefits to using Azure. And through continuous innovation and investment, Microsoft has made Azure particularly accessible to all industry pillars to help ensure both security and control are of the highest standards.

The team at Evros will ensure your Azure deployment meets all of your requirements, which we can demonstrate to you in a controlled and safe manner, through Azure Serve.


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