Why IT Managed Services is Critical to Digital Transformation

Technology will continue to become richer and more intelligible from an economic perspective. Moreover, many business leaders recognise the need to get the foundations in place for this transformation.

In the past, IT Managed Services existed to support traditional server room hardware and offer basic desk side support.

As technology becomes a central player in business strategy, growing trends reveal the management of IT infrastructure and applications moving out to an IT Managed Service provider. Why? Because this will allow organisations to drive powerful technologies into their workflows and overall business strategies.

Yet, it is important to note that not all Managed Services Providers have evolved to meet the demands of modern business.

The right partner can impact all areas of the business, including output and revenue with innovative solutions and support services.

Key Attributes for a Managed Service Provider in Digital Transformation

As more providers emerge to help organisations on their digital transformation journey, here are five key factors to consider when outsourcing your Managed Service capability:

Digitally transformed Managed Service Provider

Firstly, a crucial marker to note is the provider’s movement into disruptive technologies such as AI and machine learning.

The number of enterprises implementing artificial intelligence (AI) grew 270 percent in the past four years and tripled in the past year, according to Gartner, Inc. 2019 CIO Survey.

Enterprise’s appetite for automation and data intelligence has just begun. A mature provider in the advanced Managed Services space will provide a wide spectrum of technologies partners, a lot of which is new or developmental technology. You might not be looking into AI yet, but it’s soon to become a pressing inevitability in business.

Security that keeps up with disruption

The one concerning element around the speed of adoption of cloud and other innovative technologies is that it often outpaces the evolution of security technologies.

According to Crowd Research Partners: 84% of organisations say traditional security solutions do not work in cloud environments.

Today, with the propagation of data and information that now exists far outside the traditional network, ensuring visibility and control of your users and data based on identity and context becomes a crucial part of your cyber security strategy.​

One of the main challenges of secure digital innovation is what is called ‘rogue IT’. The pervasive move towards ‘Do It Yourself’ has opened many vulnerabilities to end users less professional in adhering to security measures and best practices.

You will want to ensure that your MSP is able to tackle these issues with agility, implementing the advanced security solutions and governance methodologies that can accelerate transformation while managing risk.

Our ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation further demonstrates that we take our customers, and their data extremely seriously, best practices are followed here at Evros to manage our and our client’s security posture work.

Did you know? Evros is one of the only Cloud providers in Ireland to be awarded ISO27001 for Information Security and Managed Services, and ISO20000-1 for Service Management.

End-to-end technology offering

A mature offering that encompasses all technical aspects from the data centre to the desktop is essential to any organisation’s digital journey.

You will need a wide set of skills at hand to design, implement, deploy as well as manage your specific infrastructure. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of IT Managed Service providers encompass the entire IT stack, alongside the newer disruptive technologies. Beware of the ‘Managed Service’ providers that outsource numerous parts of their offering. Why?

  • You want to know that your company data remains in one place
  • Offering the full capability proves its maturity as a provider in that space
  • Your organisation will gain familiarity with your provider and build user ties and confidence

A good working relationship between your MSP will also increase response levels, which leads into the next point:

Digital adoption and on boarding

Does the Managed Service Provider have the capability and knowledge to assist your employees with new technologies? The latest trend to emerge from Digital Transformation is Digital adoption. This simply means where all of your digital tools and assets are maximising full efficiency within your company.

The ability to enable your company’s people in the face of change will be your main challenge. MSPs will provide the support and managed service capability, and even deploy your new environment. Yet, the real success driver in your digital transformation will be how your provider educates and supports your users in the face of environment change.

24x7x365 global provider

Finally, you need to think about the level of coverage your enterprise needs. Many will offer the 24/7 offering with a nominated team ‘on-call’ for the overnight shift. Yet, providers that have global platforms can offer comprehensive cover to your mission-critical services.

Our continued drive towards innovative solutions has seen Evros move into the international arena. Launched in early 2019, our Auckland office provides a ‘Follow the Sun’ 24/7 fully-manned managed service operation. And we deployed a team of 12 to Auckland with the aim of growing the team to 50 Managed Support Engineers in the coming 18 months.

Evros has been delivering IT Managed Services to companies in Ireland for almost 30 years. Founded by engineers, this ensured the most important factor at Evros was to deliver the best IT services to customers that it possibly could. Talk to our team today.