How To Extend Windows 7 Security Updates Past January 14, 2020

By December 11, 2019IT Support and Licensing

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would be ending its support services for any device using Windows 7.

The operating system – which is now over a decade old – has been in its extended support phase for the past five years to make way for Windows 10.

The original announcement detailed all updates, including security patches, would be stopped completely on January 14, 2020.

However, although automatic updates are still being ceased on this date, businesses that need more time to upgrade, will now be able to take advantage of a 12-month subscription support service.

This is available on a per device basis and will allow businesses who need it, more time to put any necessary changes in place.


Why do I need a Windows 7 support service?

Following the cut-off date, any devices using Windows 7 will continue to function.

However, with no support service in place, these devices will no longer receive automatic updates or patches – and that’s where the problem lies.

Without updates, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to viruses as well as difficulties keeping your data secure – which could also lead to compliance issues.

By investing in the support service, you will be able to protect your business – and your data – while you upgrade your software, hardware – or both.


Future-proof your business

Moving away from Windows 7 for some businesses can be extremely complex.

There can be numerous applications reliant on your operating system and making that transition securely – with minimum disruption to productivity and services – is no mean feat.

And that’s where we come in. As well as getting you set up with Windows 7 support so that you can keep everything up to date and working securely, we can help you upgrade your systems so that you don’t run into the same problems in a year’s time.

We’ll also provide you with full support along the way and ensure that any changes made are optimal for you and your business.


Talk to us

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