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Choose business continuity that won’t let your company down

Business resiliency begins with protecting systems and data across your entire environment. It’s important to implement a trusted business continuity solution that will keep your IT environment intact and secure.

Meet Regulatory Compliance with Evros Business Continuity

As the growth of your enterprise resources continues to thrive, any loss of data can jeopardise your entire business. Your company needs a responsible data management solution that reacts rapidly to meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives. Current data compliance and protection requirements have set the bar high. To understand if your data is fully secure, you need to ask the following of your company:

  • Does your data recovery strategy actually work?
  • How quickly can you meet your RTO targets?
  • Is your company mandated to have a Business Continuity plan?
  • Are you able to access data if your office becomes inaccessible?
  • What happens in the event of a disaster?
  • What is your business continuity plan?

Time To Manage Your Data More Intelligently

Our fully managed Business Continuity service ensures intelligent system availability, custom-built for your organisation’s needs. With over 10 years of experience in deploying Disaster Protection and Business Continuity solutions, Evros excels in the complete management of your company’s IT infrastructure. Harden your business continuity strategy with our enterprise-class Backup and Recovery Work-space service from our state-of-the-art Business Continuity centre.

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Business Continuity Centre

Unexpected events such as power outages, infrastructure failure or even natural disasters can easily prevent you from operating your business. You need to consider where and how your staff will continue to work if the worst happens. Evros is home to market-leading Business Continuity services including IT Disaster Recovery Services, continuity consulting, and a state-of-the-art business continuity facility that caters for up to 100 users.

  • 1Gb resilient connectivity to the Digital Planet Cloud and DR systems
  • Dedicated engineers available on site
  • RFID access restricted suites
  • Conference/Meeting rooms with video & telephone conferencing
  • Serviced by the Green Luas, public buses, the DART and easy access to the M50 (Exit 16)
  • Virtual Desktops/PCs
  • Printing, Voicemail & Reception Services
  • Full access to canteen facilities
  • Parking available

Disaster Recovery

Business resiliency begins with the protection of data across your entire environment. Our Disaster Recovery solution is designed to protect and recover your IT infrastructure in line with your recovery time and recovery point objectives. Leverage the expertise across the entire Evros Technology Group to create the responsive Disaster Recovery solution your company needs.

  • Enterprise-class replication provides coverage for all IT infrastructure requirements
  • 2048-bit SSL tunnels for encrypted data replication to our data centres
  • Failover with multiple point-in-time recovery points
  • Disaster Recovery under the governance of ISO27001
  • Assisted planned DR test provided
  • 24/7 invocation support provided from the Evros 24/7 Network Operations Centre
  • DRaaS provided across our Enterprise Private Cloud or Public Cloud platform offering
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Cloud & Offsite Backup

Loss of valuable company data can potentially close your doors permanently. Why not adopt a complete enterprise-class backup solution that meets the rigour of today’s data protection standards? Evros delivers a complete, fully-managed remote backup and restore service from our Tier 3+ data centre locations. Driven by multiple world-leading software vendors, we promise to match the right backup solution to fit your backup requirements.

  • Full AES 256 encryption on all data at rest
  • Multiple solutions available for physical & virtual environments, servers & endpoints as well as Cloud solutions such as Azure, Office 365, OneDrive & Sharepoint Online
  • Regular testing of backup solution
  • Quarterly service reports

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