Cisco Meraki

The intelligent cloud-managed platform that keeps your organisation ahead of the curve.

Evros’ core strength is our expert capability to build agile infrastructure, built for precise business purpose. Enjoy the freedom to further extend your environment into the cloud with Cisco Meraki. The intelligent cloud-managed platform offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions designed to work together to help deliver a modern network that is powerful, reliable, and easy to manage. 

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The Case for Modern Network

Virtualization has been a major driver in evolving traditional technology by separating the software services from its underlying hardware. The result? By reducing the requirement for dedicated hardware as a specific function, and collapsing the software into individual appliances, your enterprise systems can be programmed and managed from a centralised platform.

How can virtualization reduce your IT cost & simplify network management? Watch Evros IT Enterprise Consultant Seamus Breathnach & Cisco Meraki’s Gary Daly explore how virtualization reduces the requirement for dedicated hardware, and discuss how all types of enterprises can benefit from modern technology.

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What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki offers an extensive portfolio of IT products designed for the modern enterprise, built to work together to help deliver a truly scalable and easy to manage comprehensive IT solution. Cisco Meraki has simplified enterprise IT networks, allowing your organisation to manage:

  • W-Fi access points
  • Switches
  • Security appliances
  • MDM
  • Security cameras
  • Network and SaaS performance
  • VoIP phones and mobility management

Where? From a single pane of glass from anywhere in the world on any device.

Why Choose

Evros enables Digital Transformation for the era of the intelligent edge. We allow businesses to rapidly lay a digital foundation whereby your technology has the capability to implement automated functions on your behalf. By simplifying your infrastructure and making it virtualized and programmable, you can then automate it. Then you can make it repeatable. We deliver Cisco Meraki to help your organisation achieve these digital goals.

  • Meraki Dashboard
  • One-time remote, web-based configuration
  • Configuration templates simplify large multi-site global deployments & capability
  • Networks configured in minutes
  • Manage your network from anywhere
  • Meraki license includes: access to 24/7/365 support

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We deliver Cisco Meraki to help your organisation achieve its business goals.