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What is Citrix Cloud?

Get everything you need from one platform with Citrix Cloud Services. Connect to your applications and desktop resources on any cloud or infrastructure be they on-premises, on Microsoft Azure, through our private cloud services or a hybrid of the above. With Citrix Cloud, managing your IT environment can be done from a single console where you can create, manage and deploy workspaces to your end-users securely and with confidence.

Citrix Cloud Services

With Citrix Cloud, all of the products and services available within the Citrix portfolio are available on a subscription basis, helping you to get access to everything you need quickly and easily. The services that are available – such as Citrix Workspace Service and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – are designed to support modern cloud environments, especially hybrid and multi-cloud.

Provide unified and reliable access to any service to any user in a simple, fast, secure and adaptable manner.

The services included in Citrix Cloud are:

  • Citrix Workspace Service
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Service
  • XenMobile Service
  • Content Collaboration
  • Gateway Service
  • Management and Analytics Service (MAS)
  • Citrix Analytics Service

Why Citrix Cloud?


The Citrix Cloud Management Plane means Citrix Cloud is quick to deploy and configure. Get instant access to the latest capabilities and rest in the knowledge that all updates and patches are automatically taken care of by Citrix.


By managing your data and applications centrally, you have a much more complete view of your environment. Ensure governance and compliance are followed across all your apps, devices, content and networks.

Close security gaps using always up-to-date software with latest security patches for Citrix services and identify and mitigate threats in real-time.


Citrix Cloud is not just easier to manage but it also provides a smoother and more simplified experience for your users.
Get reliable connectivity to all your apps and manage multiple resource locations be them in the cloud, on-prem or a hybrid of these. And because it’s easier to manage, you can also free up your resources to focus on strategic initiatives and innovations to drive value for your business.


Citrix Cloud makes your hybrid or multi-cloud environment easier to manage. Get business insights into your data as well as performance analytics to help you make the most of your resources.

The Citrix Cloud portal is a truly flexible single pane of glass which allows you to manage your Citrix services. Services can be enabled on demand and can burst to meet short term peaks in utilisation at short notice without lengthy licensing commitments, lead times and costly enablement projects.

Why Evros?

Why come to us:

  • As a Citrix Gold Solution Advisor partner, we have the specialist knowledge and skills to be able to implement and configure your chosen Citrix solutions
  • We provide a 24×7 Managed Services capability for our Citrix customers
  • We’re experienced at delivering Citrix apps and desktops across multi-cloud environments, including private cloud, on our own service provider cloud in Digital Planet and in public cloud through Microsoft Azure
How we can help:

  • Our professional services capability can design and deploy Citrix Cloud installations with options for ongoing support through our Managed Service division
  • We can also provide a range of CSP licensing options for Citrix Cloud for a cost effective approach

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