With Citrix Workspace, you’re in control

Give your users the best possible experience with Citrix Workspace.
A consistent, secure and intuitive way to deliver all of your apps.

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All the elements, one environment

Citrix Workspace seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, so you can drive your company’s digital transformation. Deliver a unified experience for all of your users in a simple and effective manner.

Simplified Management

For cloud

  • Unify disparate ecosystems so that users can access everything they need via single view.
  • Get the agility you need align your Workspace with your cloud strategy be it on-premises, in multiple clouds or a hybrid of the two.
  • Consolidate cloud, mobile and app delivery requirements into one smooth transition to Microsoft Office 365, quickly and easily.
For everyday

  • Provide single sign-on for universal access.
  • Simplify identify management for multiple accounts and cut down on password resets.
  • Save time onboarding new users and provide secure access for temporary and remote staff.
  • Create a responsive environment that intelligently manages traffic.
  • Implement any updates to your environment seamlessly.
  • Infuse news, updates, workflows, requests and more into your feeds for a more integrated way of working.

Complete Security


  • Create a secure, digital perimeter that protects your data and applies consistent access policies across every device and every OS.
  • Get instant sight of any suspicious activity via a single dashboard.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Citrix Workspace pulls actionable insights into one simple dashboard, giving you have a complete overview.
  • Tighten security and reduce data breaches through consistent access controls.

  • Apply consistent multi-factor authentication to all applications, all of the time, on all devices.
  • Publish a secure internet browser to users for particularly sensitive applications.
  • With Micro-Apps, deliver users a part or an application, rather than the whole application, to get more granular on security.
  • Keep track of every device so your users can choose how they work – anytime, anywhere.

Citrix Workspace For Your Organisation

Maintain security

Protect your data, users and all of your applications with a zero-trust approach.

Drive digital transformation

Update your resources and unify them to allow for a much more modern and consistent experience.

Cloud first for complete agility

Choose the infrastructure that meets your unique and immediate needs, whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud or both.

Why Evros?

Why come to us:

  • We have a heritage in Citrix Professional Services
  • We provide a 24×7 Managed Services capability for our Citrix customers
  • We’re experienced at delivering Citrix apps and desktops across multi-cloud environments, including private cloud, on our own service provider cloud in Digital Planet and in public cloud through Microsoft Azure
How we can help:

  • Our professional services capability can design and deploy Citrix Cloud installations with options for ongoing support through our Managed Service division
  • We can also provide a range of CSP licensing options for Citrix Cloud for a cost effective approach

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