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Join our consultants, BU leads and specialists for a caffeine-fuelled adventure into all things tech. Season one has now ended but all the episodes are now available to watch back on-demand! Just fill in the form to the right and we’ll send you the link!

A Lookback at Season One

Over the course of six weeks, we discussed some of the most fundamental technologies of 2021, including why they’re so important, what’s special about them and how they’re bringing value to global businesses today.

Episode recap:

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is one of the newest and exciting services Microsoft have recently launched. Join our experts as they discuss its impact on remote work, application delivery, and how it fairs in comparison to traditional services.

Azure Migration

One of the most common, and most complex projects a company will take on is their migration to Azure. Join our experts as they discuss migration strategies, lessons learned, and offer their insights on how Azure is attempting to simplify the process.

Azure MSP

Azure is a vast platform, having it configured to your needs while maintaining your required operational standard can be a significant challenge for many companies, an Azure Expert MSP can solve those challenges. Join our experts as they discuss what an Azure Expert MSP is, what to expect from an Azure managed service, and how Azure must differ to an on-prem offer.

Hybrid Cloud

As “cloud-first” has become a common strategy for many companies, the question of which cloud becomes more prevalent. Consistently, hybrid cloud is the chosen fit. Join our experts as they discuss what a hybrid cloud can mean to a business, how hybrid has evolved in recent years and what they see for the future in this space.

Microsoft Teams

Enabling smooth and integrated collaboration is a huge part of Microsoft Teams. And with remote and hybrid working the new norm, many businesses are now using Teams for its calling functionalities too. However, as the platform has exploded over the past 18 months (with currently more than 147 million daily users) what impact is this having on our data – how it is stored and how it is protected? Moreover, how can Teams be integrated with traditional office telephony systems for a hybrid setup? Finally, what does the future of Teams look like? Our experts will discuss all this and more – don’t miss it!


As the adoption of cloud accelerates and the usable landscape broadens, never has security been more important. Join our experts as they discuss the latest security approaches, key security requirements for all businesses and lessons learned from the field.


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